Monday, May 17, 2010

Here we Cheerio!!!

Camp Cheerio that is.  In the beautiful mountains of Roaring Gap, NC.  That is where we were this past weeked for Cue Camp.  Though we are a signing family and not a cueing family, they always, always welcoming any families w/ HOH or Deaf children.  More about the camp itself in a little while.  This will be part I.  The getting ready for the trip.  We'll do it in pictures as it is just easiest this way I think.  HEre goes & hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Getting ready to go.  Before any trip, there are certain rules we have.  One, is to get the car clean.  No one wants to sit in a dirty car for hours, right?  So, Max vacuumed it out and must say, looked like it had been detailed!  Crazy clean.

Even Nik is helping to clean out the car.  He's taking out one of the carseats my tots use.  Nik still uses a carseat like this and Alyona uses a booster seat.  Though she's almost 11yo, according to our state laws, she is still actually supposed to be in a carseat.  We are told to carry a copy of her birthcert for proof if we are ever stopped.  Once I ever get around to getting that official dx of possible dwarfism, I may just carry that around as well.  LOL.  

This is the start of packing up.  Kids constantly going in and out of their bags.  We each have sleeping bags w/ carriers. It's great.  See, we live close to an outlet center and love the Eddie Bauer store.  Love it when they have outlet prices that go on clearance for 75% off of the outlet price.  Awesome deals.  Anyhow, thought you might want to know why we have mostly Eddie Bauer sleeping bags, duffle bags, bookbags and such.  They are by far the most durable.  Some of our bags we've had for 12 years now!  Anyone ever comes here to visit, we usually take them to the Carolina Premimum OUtlet Center.  Now, once the packing is done, here is what tends to happen:

Vegging out and watching a movie.  Bags were all packed and house for the most part cleaned up.  They deserved it and were much too wired to sleep.

And, we're ready to go.  The excitement was just too much for them almost.  We wanted to leave at 7:30 but did manage to leave at 8:30am.  Not bad.  Kids were good the entire 3 hours there.  We ate a big breakfast and no snacks in the car b/c we ate as soon as we got to camp.  

This is all how we know we are very close to the camp.  A Christmas Tree farm.  Always so great to see in the mountains.  Just beautiful to see all the different sizes of trees.  Everyone cheers by the time we reach this point.  We get there, register and are assigned our cabin for the weekend.  

This is our cabin.  Our side is on the right side.  Nice cabin and great location.  Convenient to the gym for the kids and to the cafeteria to eat.  Notice just the nice green grass.  Max made the comment, "I'd love to mow this!"  Remember, he's mower man.  LOL.  

This is a picture I take every year when we first arrive.  Can you guess which two just woke up?  It's fun to see how much they grow every year w/ this picture.  And one more:

This is right outside the cafeteria.  Wished Nik's head wouldn't have covered up Max's or this would have been perfect.  Oh well.  This was right before we went to lunch.  After lunch there were workshops we went to and the kids went to activities.  We then met up for dinner.  After dinner, a big waterslide event.  More pictures on that in another post.  I have a lot to do tonight.  I have Irina's and Nik's IEP meetings tomorrow.  Tired just thinking about it.  Bunch going on.  Will write about the waterslide and under the sea dance on Friday evening.  And share some more pics of course.  I'll do pictures first and then an everything I learned at camp post as well.  More to come tomorow evening.  Oh, just so much to share that I learned.  Great news for Nik too!!!!  Hope you enjoyed some photos so far.  YOu can click on any of htem to make bigger. 

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