Monday, May 10, 2010

Happenings and updates

My, oh my so much to catch up on.  Guess we'll start w/ Friday and work our way to today.  Last week was teacher appreciation week.  Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate the teachers.  But, at the bare minimum, I should make at least enough stuff for 11 teachers.  That's quite a bit of time and effort, not to mention money for all.  The schools(room parents) here seem to want gifts for teachers at Christmas, gifts for teacher appreciation week and gifts for the end of the year.  For all the classes.  It adds up quickly.  I remember growing up(I know, years ago--LOL), that we never did that.  I feel guilty if we don't but I can not do all 3 things every year.  It's just too much.  I had 25 gifts to buy for teachers this year for Christmas.  And that was just for my 4 kids.  The teens don't take gifts for teachers any more.  My kids have more than just the typical one or two teachers each so it adds up and I just want to be fair.  I'm working on ideas for next year as we'll have more kids and more teachers.  So, ideas would be wonderful here.  Anyhow, here is what we came up w/ for this year:

Banana nut bread...homemade.  My trouble was getting my kids to stop eating the loaves as they came out.  Not kidding.  They went through 4 loaves.  I can only make two at a time as I need more loaf pans.  Nik was giving these to his 3 main teachers, including his interpreter.  I was not able to get one made for his resource teacher or his speech teacher in time.  Now, I need end of the year ideas.  Some rooms here do the chip in thing of $5 each child.  That is not bad.  For some reason though, none are doing that this year.  The teachers here mean a lot to my kids and to me.  We've given them cards but would love to be able to show appreciation in another way.  I am truly tempted this year to cut and plant some of my hydrangeas and give them as container gifts next year.  It would be an experiment but if it does turn out, I will have found a niche for gifts that continue to grow.  Just an idea.  Again, send some good ideas my way.  End of year is fast approaching.

Well, before they headed out the door w/ banana nut bread or cookies, I made them something I usually don't in the morning.  Yogurt smoothies and sausage.  They loved it, can you tell??  Alex had the evidence on his face.  Picture's not all that clear but you get the idea.  
Later that day, they just played and Irina had a friend spend the night.  Next morning was yardsale time.  Well, Irina and her friend decided they wanted to sleep in as well as Yana.  So,  made Bojan's day w/ me and he and Alyona went this go around.  We went to our first yardsale and the car was literally full.  No joke.  Two of the items we got have been a huge hit.

These were free so better yet.  These two have not stopped playing w/ them nor have the 2 toddlers that I keep during the day.  Fun hits for everyone!  After we dropped stuff off, Irina and her friend decided they wanted to go.  We had a good time and found some awesome finds and deals.  Came home and I made everyone pancakes, sausage and smoothies.  Great way to kick off a day of play and work.  Kids were thrilled we weren't going anywhere and they played w/ friends mostly.  We all watched a great movie that evening.  Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks.  Based on a book.  We never did get to see the DaVinci Code first but hear it was also a great movie.  Very suspenseful.  Nik had gone to bed and we let Alex "stay up."  We weren't going to let him watch the movie just b/c he is 9yo.  However, told him he could b/e we knew he'd zonk out w/in minutes.  Sure enough, sound asleep soon as it started.  Well, Alyona was not suited to watch this.  she ran out most the movie but remember, she is our "chicken little" and even runs out at Goosebumps movies.  Anyhow, later that evening Warren and I were in bed for awhile and both woke up a little creeped out.  Look up and "minnie mouse" is there saying she's scared and can't sleep.  URGHH.  Thanks for scaring us too kiddo.  I told her to grab some of the flameless candles and use them as a nightlight upstairs.  She did.  It had looked like a sayounce(literally do not know how to spell this word!  Never spelled it before.  LOL.  Dont' tell my kids please).  Alyona managed to get to sleep though.  

That same Saturday, Warren went to get me my Mother's Day gift early.  Here is what I got:

Isn't it beautiful?!  I LOVE it!  Okay, what some may not know is the other fountain that was here Warren had made.  It was great except for the fact that it greeted folks w/ the sounds of...someone using the toilet.  Yes, that is exactly what it sounded like and became the joke of this family and some other friends that would visit us.  This fountain sounds like a fountain should.  very quiet but nice.  Warren and Max got it all hooked up.  What was even sweeter is I had no idea that Warren had been trying to get this thing for over 2 months and it was always out of stock.  Well, Saturday he ended up going to two different stores and was able to get the very last one!  Asked him where he had gotten the money & turns out loose change and a dollar here and there he squirreled away at his office.  Very thoughtful and really made my day.  To think he cared enough about me to save a tiny bit here and there was amazing.  Means, he thought of me all year long.  

That was pretty much our Friday and Saturday.  Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I will have something on that later.  Right now, need to get some of these kiddos to bed.  BTW, thought I'd go ahead and print out the I-800A.  Had no idea it was 16 pages long.  When we got Irina and Max, it was a total of 2 easy pages.  Ha!  I can't believe I complained about it OR the price back then.  URGHH.  It was $400 back then and it is now $670.  I should do a then & now cost comparison of adoption in 1999 versus adoption in 2010.  It is unreal & that is just so far.  It is what it is and must be paid to bring the kids home so that is what we do.  Time to go.  More to come on MOther's Day.  Umm, wasn't all roses is all I'm going to say.  But, alls well htat ends well.

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