Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catching up

Long post previously so this one won't be.  There will be very few photographs this week.  Why?  Hmm, let's see.  No, the camera did not fall off the restroom door as it did before at the aquarium.  No, this time it did not fall at all.  We were outside working on our garden and yard.  I put the camera down and left it in the back of the mower trailer.  It did not go anywhere to fall out.  No, instead, the camera just sat there.  Yes, sat there all day and all night.  How was the weather?  Well, thunderstorms & hard rain all day and all night long.  Warren brought the camera in, turned it over and we watched the water come out.  I had some great pictures on there & don't even know if it is salvageable.  We are trying to dry it out but it will most likely be hopeless.  I'm bummed b/c we have awards, class parties, birthdays, etc. coming up soon.  Let you know how this one turns out.  I'm guessing my next camera will be a fisher price indestructible one.  LOL.  Just a guess.

In addition to the camera, the roof needs replacing.  I wrote about that in a previous post.  They say things come in 3's so it's the camera broken, roof broken and computer broken.  Warren has resurrected this thing for about the last time.  He fixes it everyday.  This computer btw is 13 years old!  It's also served it's purpose well.   We were just hoping and praying some of these things that we know are old & worn out would have lasted just a tad bit longer.  You know, like maybe after these adoptions.  LOL.  It is what it is.  It is life.  Things break and you just fix it or wait till you have the funds for a new one.  I'm very, very lucky to have a husband and a son who can fix practically anything. 

We stayed home this past weekend. Irina, Alyona and I went shopping a bit.  Irina got some new clothes.  Not many but she really does need some things so this was a good weekend to do that.  We found brand new shoes for $3.  How could you go wrong?  Had fun helping her pick stuff out.  She is my very, very conservative child.  So interesting.  Yana is on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Alyona is too young to care yet.  It's neat though that they all have their own sense of style.

EOG's.  For those that don't know, it means end of grade testing.  It's a pain, especially for our kids who have FAS/FAE.  Umm, that would be 6 of them!  It's a hard week, hard for them to understand.  Irina has special testing and not regular testing.  She takes it later this week.  She will go onto 10th grade.  Max passed math.  I was shocked to be honest.  He missed science by one point so he has to retest.  Reading also needed work.  They want to pass him onto 9th grade however.  I'm very concerned about that.  Max is smart, there is no doubt.  However, w/ FAS, he has maturity problems and much, much disorganization.  He was making all A's & B's in the self-contained setting & slowly sent out to resource setting..still small, still doing very well.  So well, that they moved him into mainstream classes & it all fell apart.  All D's & F's.  Only change was the classroom environment.  Max does not know how to interact socially w/ others.  He feels like an outcast in many situations.  He was in a regular ed setting doing a radio show project w/ the rest of the group & all the other kids thought it would be great to "kill off the Asian kid" for their project.  NOT cool.  Max is an introvert by nature, very sweet, compassionate toward others.  Perfect target for bullies and does not make him stand out w/ regular peers.  He is a loner in regular classrooms.  Attitude/ demeanor changed during this time at home as well.  The same joking, loving kid was gone.  It was sad.  We had a meeting & they(school) doesn't really seem to care a bit about all that stuff.  They say Max is smart.  Fine.  He's smart but if he's losing himself in the process, it's not worth it.  URGHH.  For now, he's going on to 9th grade, regular classes as the state is getting rid of self-contained settings in high school.  Keep you posted.  I'm worried is all.  Yana took the EOG's and passed everything.  However, she is on what I call the "cheating" EOG system here.  The schools don't want their #'s to count w/ special ed students so they give them a different test w/ only 3 possible answers to the questions.  Frustrated b/c she CAN take that other test.  Anyhow, out of my control.  Trust me, we've fought a good fight.  She is making such progress that they want to mainstream her next year.  I partially agree w/ that.  Remember, Yana has CAPD & processing issues.  Small setting has done her well.  I also am concerned grades may fall.  That & they claim she is getting on grade level.  Not true.  Just have her write something and it is about a second grade level.  Not saying this to be mean but honest.  She needs help & just b/c she's doing well, doesn't mean she would benefit in a regular setting.  I think she can but needs another year of this type of classroom.  Bojan I am truly stunned & Warren & I can't figure it out.  Remember, Bojan has been our avid reader and making all A's and such.  Doing fantastic in school.  I mean really, really fantastic and on grade level.  So, when he passed the math EOG & failed the reading, I was floored.  Granted, he only failed by one point but I really thought he'd ace it w/ what we've seen this year.  He's retaking the reading.  I know he'll pass this go around.  He'll be in 5th grade next year.  Alyona takes a separate test.  Even though she did, she wasn't able to pass the test at all.  We expected this.  She'll be 11 next month but can't read yet.  It is hard to watch b/c she does try, try and try so hard.  Breaks my heart.  She is getting sight words but that will not help her in the long run.  We just want her to get to a 4th grade reading level. They say if you can do this, you have a better chance at living independently.  A goal for her for sure.  Alex.  Umm, Alex.  Clue you all in here.  Alex is one of our RADishes who knows how to "work" the system.  He had us all fooled that he could not read much at home.  Nope.  He could indeed read!  URGHH.  I was never more disappointed or mad at a child.  He has a sister dying to know how to read & he CAN read but is L-A-Z-Y.  Very, very lazy.  Only wants to do what Alex wants to do.  He passed the math EOG but failed the reading.  Barely passed the math.  Teacher & I are stumped whether to pass him onto 4th grade or not.  There are big pros & cons to both sides of the arguement.  Very , very hard decision for us to make.  Knowing now how 3 of my FASers do as they get older, we are leaning more towards holding him back.  So far, we have held back IRina, Max, Bojan and Nik.  ALL kids we've held back have gone on to do much, much better in school and needed that extra year of maturity.  FAS kids do tend to be much more below their peers socially.  So holding them back does tend to help in my opinion.  Or at least for the ones we've held back thus far.  (Bojan is the only non-FAS kiddo).  So, all my kids are moving foward a grade.  Alex will be too if we let him.  It is a major decision & we have to make it by next week.  TEacher is just as torn as we are.  She too says it can go either way for sure.  I hate these type of decisions.  They are very hard for us as parents.  I've asked Alex & he honestly doesn't care one way or the other. Still doesn't make it any easier.  YOur kids' academic career is in your hands.  It is their future and I just don't want to screw it up.  My kids have come so far for not having much of an education in Russia and having to learn an entire new language.  Max & Yana want to go to college.  That's a good sign b/c it means they are thinking ahead!  Oh, just got a phone call that said Irina is receiving an award tomorrow.  In English no less.  Can't wait to see it.  Not telling her as they want it to be a surprise.  She'll be thrilled.

More major decisions to be made regarding schooling.  Irina wants to be homeschooled.  We are thinking of pulling her out and possibly Alyona as well.  We'll see.  Lots to think over for sure.  Lots of thought goes into these decisions we make regarding our children.  Not only their background but their disabilities as well.  Oh my goodness.  I had finished this last night but was having computer trouble.  It did not save the rest of my post.  I'm way too tired to finish it today.  I'm feeling more confident today to make some of these big decisions.  Oh, much more to say & a special surprise in my inbox today.  Tell you all later.  However, I do have to watch the tots so I"m off here until later today when they go home.  Oh, did manage to save some pics from the wet camera.  Camera is pretty much toast though.  Fisher Price, here I come!  LOL. 

OH, btw, teacher called me last night to tell me Irina is receiving an award today.  Wahoo!!  Wish I could be there but it was really late notice as teacher had just received word of it herself.  It's in English.  Very proud of Irina and tell you all more later.  Much more to come!

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  1. Education decisions!
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