Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camp Cheerio-- part IV

The whole weekend is packed full of activities.  I started with Friday and also gave a peek at life in our cabin.  Saturday, we woke up and headed to a breakfast to fuel us through the day.  Kids go to activities and adults to workshops.  We went to a workshop and then headed to lunch.  The reason I don't have pictures of the kids during their activities is b/c we are not there when they go canoeing, rock climbing, crafts, etc.  After lunch, we volunteered to help take the teens for a hike.  Now, it had been about a month since Warren and I had been hiking.  Not to mention I had no sleep the previous night.  None.  I had been out of my immobilizing leg brace for about 3 weeks but still thought ahh, we'll be fine.  LOL.  That was my thought anyhow.  I didn't take the camera on the hike b/c I figured at some point I'd have to grab onto a tree and the camera would be lost forever.  Smart move.  Did take some on the way there though.

The window was up so not that clear but you can see all the mountains in the background and just what a gorgeous sunny day it was to do a hike.

You can see the rocks.  Yes, you were hiking on rocks at some points during the hike.  However, you could not beat the view.  Absolutely stunning vistas.  They had hummingbird vines(orange flowers) all over the woods along w/ the pink rhododendrums.  It was nice and cool at some points of walking the trails.  I did fine until the very end.  Twisted my knee a little and that slowed me down more than anything.  didn't want to end up back in that stupid brace.  Also got quite overheated which is very normal for me.  We had all promised the kids milkshakes after the hike.  Went to the restaurant only to find out that they stopped serving milkshakes four years ago.  So, the kids took it in stride and had either ice cream or soda.  Worked out fine.  The teens all did awesome.  You never know when you put a group of strangers together who all happen to be teenagers how it will turn out.  LOL.  We picked up our kids from their activities and headed back to the cabin before dinner.  I think he was tired, what do you think?

We all got back and had dinner that evening.  After dinner, there was a magic show, an ice cream social and there was supposed to be a bonfire.  However, weather did not permit for the bonfire.  And, that was okay,  All the campers had an awesome time hanging out in the gym.  Alyona had made a wonderful friend that happens to live only 45 minutes from us!  They will be seeing each other this summer for sure.  Here they are at the magic show:

These two were inseparable during the weekend.  It was great!  It's so reassuring to go to a place where ALL your children feel welcomed.  Sometimes this is very hard to do with kids w/ disabilities.  But, not at Camp Cheerio and not during Cue Camp Weekend.  Very good feeling.  All the kids must have been exhausted Saturday as they all went to bed about 10:30 and to sleep.  They were zonked out.  We all slept, woke up and got packed to leave later that day.  Went to activities/ workshops and then had a lunch before we went home.  Overall, another great day.  Then, it was goodbyes and on our way home.  Car ride was fairly uneventful as most slept in the car.

This is Alyona sleeping.  Sleeping bag is on top of her.  Frankly, I don't see even how the child is breathing!  Max is looking at one of the books we got while there.  They have a Scholastic Book Fair there which is really cool.  Enough money was raised for them to get some books which makes the ride home even  more bearable.  We made it home and Bear was very happy to see us.  Next post is what we learned while there. 

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