Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camp Cheerio-- part III (life in the cabin)

My oh my.  If you think this place is the holiday Inn, you are definitely mistaken.  It's a great place but it is still a step above camping.  I showed you all a picture of our cabin.  There are 16 places to sleep.  So yes, we'll be able to fit in one next year too.  8 sets of bunkbeds.  Now, these bunkbeds are not your typical sized twin bed.  They are a tad bit smaller than a twin.  They come w/ about an inch think vinyl mattress.  I would not really call it a mattress.  LOL.  So, we put the sleeping bags on top and go w/ it.  We always bring our own pillows so that definitely helps.  The space is plenty big being that you really only sleep in there and shower.  There are two small (did I mention the word small?) showers in the bathroom.  There are also two small toilets w/ shower curtains surrounding them.  Yeh, not the best privacy protector as our kids tested limits w/ each other.  Thought you might enjoy some shots of what it was like inside the cabin. 

Shot of the bunks.  BTW, the ONLY stuff on the floor was Max's.  URGHH!!!  

Yana is writing in her journal.  Awhile back, I bought the older girls a journal (diary) to write in.  Suprisingly, they have been doing that!  Even at camp.  I must say, I'm dying to read them but have not.  

This bed was off by itself.  Perfect for Irina!  Remember, she is our "germaphobe" so being around others is hard for her.  Plus, her OCD personality drives everyone nuts.  Great solution for sure.  And, as you can see, she is happy w/ her choice of where to sleep.

This is Nik just hanging out on the top bunk.  He is the only one who wanted on top.  Well, Alex did but that was a disaster.  Don't even ask.  Sometimes, RADishes just don't know what they want.  Long story and don't feel like getting into an "Alex" episode at this time.  Suffice it to say, Nik was on the top bunk.  

The cubbies are great here.  Each of our kids has a towel monogrammed w/ their name.  Boys have blue, girls pink & mom & dad orange.  We did this at home b/c I was tired of the towel wars at night.  This ended it immediately.  I know it was a bit of a cost in the beginning, but boy it has more than paid for itself a thousand times over of not having to get new towels out.  And, no fighting over who's is who's towel.  So yes, they have to take them to camp too.  Those w/ more than a few kids, the towels w/ names are fantastic.  

Poor guy.  Can't even sit up straight in this bed or he'll hit his head.  Still no one complains as we just love going here.  We'll put up w/ the little inconveniences once you see the big picture.  

In the cabin, you alsohave to improvise.  This is Alex.  Warren is giving Alex a "belt" of string to hold up his pants.  Alex tried on the pants before he left but did not move in them. So, he moved in them and they fell off.  part of parenting is knowing how to improvise.  We do a lot of this it seems.  LOL.

The cabin also has a front porch that we like to sit on.  This is Alex just chilling out.  

Well, that is some of the life inside the cabin.  pretty neat, huh?  The next post tomorrow will be on what we did Saturday.  Also a post on what we learned while there.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more on this wonderful experience. 

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