Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camp Cheerio-- part II

We arrived on Friday.  Ate lunch and then headed to workshops/ kids to activities.  We met up for a waterslide event that takes place every single year.  Tradition.  Big plastic tarp on a hill w/ kids going down it full speed while shivering.  What a site to see!  Here are some pics from it:

This is Nik coming down on one of his runs.  Love that look of sheer joy.  What a character! 

This is Alyona finishing up one of her runs.  And this is the way she came down most of the hill:
Yep, backwards.  The little "mouse" actually went down backwards!  I wasn't sure Alyona would brave the hill as she is truly our chicken little.  Terrified of just about anything.  But, this camp is very encouraging in many, many ways.

Bojan is one of ours that has NO fear.  LOL.  He'll try to come up w/ all kinds of ways to go down this thing.  This was his belly run.  The only thing he hated was hoping back up the hill w/ one leg.  See, unfortunately he has to go down w/out the prosthetic.  But, he makes it all work & as you can see, has no problem doing it his way.  

Another one going over and over again was Alex.  Alex is like Bojan w/ the no fear thing... to a point.  But for this activity, no fear.  He also went down belly first on this photo.  When he got up, I realized my little boy is getting older and starting to form that pre-teen body.  Scary!  

They had a blast on the waterslide.  We then went to the cafeteria for some dinner.  You are never, ever underfed at this camp.  LOL.  I think my kids come home from here and think they're starving.  Anyhow, after dinner, there was an undersea dance for everyone.  It was funny b/c they were playing 80's music and my kids were singing and dancing along to the same stuff I used to!  It was awesome.  Some of my kids can dance btw.  I was quite impressed.  Bojan can even do the splits.  The dancing was really wearing them out.  I promised Nik he could have hot cocoa.  Though it was storming and lightening out, he wanted to go.  While on the outside of the gym, I caught him doing this:

He is listening to see if he can hear/ feel the vibrations from the music inside.  It's great b/c he really is trying to hear it.  Nik loved being around other kids w/ implants all weekend. He is definitely in his element at camp surrounded by other deaf children.  What was so neat this night was he really wanted hot cocoa and we took him to get some in the cafeteria.  Walking back he was just estatic b/c he could hear the thunder.  He's screaming and grabbing me that he can hear it.  Very, very exciting when your child hears sounds for the first time.  And, there was a spectacular lightening show.  Never had seen that much lightening.  Not the smartest thing standing in the middle of the hill near a flagpole but hey, once in a lifetime, right?  

This is Nik w/ his coveted hot cocoa.  In the middle of a lightening storm.  The building in the background is the cafeteria.  It is beautifully situated overlooking the mountain.  Ahh, to only live this way everyday.  What peaceful scenery and just fresh air.  No wonder we all love it here.  Shoot, even the hot cocoa is better here.  LOL.  Just ask Nik.  He must of had ten cups that weekend.  I'll do a few more posts.  I am off work tomorrow so may do some blog catching up.  I've had 3 IEP meetings since yesterday.  So, lots to say.  I need to do a fundraising post as we need to get busy.  Homestudy is getting close to getting done.  I need to hustle!  Every day is one day closer to bringing our children home.  We've decided on names for the girls and are working on the boy's name as we're tired of calling him the boy.  Well, need to get going.  No homework this week but we do have other things to get done.  I'll finish up Camp Cheerio hopefully tomorrow.  Hope you can all see what a great place this is.  But, it really is the people and I willd efinitely talk about that.  You know, I remember when I used to really stare at the way deaf people would talk and just not understand.  This weekend, I didn't even notice.  I have come full circle with the understanding and thank this camp and Nik for teaching me.  I know Nik will not be able to be understood by most.  And I know that that is okay.  Others will learn that just b/c you speak differently, does not mean you are stupid.  Nik will teach people this.  Not a problem for our son.  I have realized w/ this camp, he has such an awesome life in front of him and will not be hindered by anything in life.  I can not wait to share so many of the awesome things we learned this weekend.  Truly, life changing.  Do need to go.  Talk later.

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