Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bits & pieces

I don't know if I'll be able to be on the computer much.  Warren has resurrected this computer so many times but after I shut this down tonight, it will most likely not come back up.  It has served it's purpose well. I think we've had it for about 13 years.  So, we've been lucky. 

Adoption front.  Homestudy is being written up & verified.  Should have that VERY soon!  Next step as soon as we get it... send it off w/ the I-800A.  I've heard clearance for NC is not taking as long as it used to so that would be a wonderful, wonderful surprise.  So, it is moving right along.  If we can send this thing off the first week of June, that would be awesome.  Sooner it's sent off, the sooner we get it back and get on our way.  For those not familiar w/ special needs adoptions, the referral process works a bit differently.  I will explain this to you based on our PAST adoptions.  This would be for Russia and Serbia.  For all our adoptions, we had chosen special needs waiting children.  They were on lists waiting for families.  These are harder to place children.  So, once all your paperwork is submitted over there, things tend to move very quickly as you aren't really "waiting" for a referral.  We already had ours so it is like an entire step is skipped even though it's not.  We have found all our past children on waiting children lists on the web.  Yes, I said on the web.  I know many, many folks say stay away b/c they are not "real" lists but that just simply is not true.  Some agencies don't update like they should be I can verify those waiting children lists do exist and have helped thousands of kids find homes, including our 7 thus far.  Anyhow, once the referral is "officially" received, we were invited to go to the country and meet he children.  For Russia, all have been one trip except Alyona  and Nik.  Serbia was also only one trip.  Bulgaria is new territory for us so we too are learning as we go. 

Kids.  School is almost over.  Next week is many field days, awards and parties to attend.  I'll be going to many of them.  Most likely, all of them.  Max & Alex have their neurology appointment next week.  Yana has an IEP.  So, a bit busy.  All our FAS kids see the same neurologist/ developmental pediatrician.  She's been great these past 10 years.  We are thinking of adding a neuro psych to the mix but asking her next week.  Oh dentist was last week & a few weeks ago.  6 out of 7 had no cavities.  Wahoo!!!  Only hte OCD child had cavities.  She's brushing away the enamel and dentist also said she has very, very deep grooves and it would be impossible not to get cavities.  All her sealants had worn away & that was what was keeping them at bay.  Orthodontist is for another post.  Kids are very healthy so thaat is fantastic.  We get Bojan looked at this coming month.  Bojan is asking for his foot to be amputated so we'll see.  I'll explain Bojan in another post one day soon.  Nik may get another implant surgery as well.  Both of these are wait and see.  Know more in June.  Let you know.  If it is a go, we want it done ASAP as we want to make sure 1) we're in country when they recover and 2) the younger , the better for surgery.  Nik knows exactly what to expect as he's had this before.  His recovery isn't too bad.  Bojan recovers super fast after all his surgeries.  However, we've never done an amputation before so don't have a clue.  Keeping them out of the water will be interesting.  So, as you can see, we try to make sure all medical and dental stuff is taken care of before we leave for an international adoption.  It allows you to not worry so much while you're gone and also to allow you to devote most of your time to the new ones once they come home.  My kids knwo the drill and don't mind being the new helpers for the new ones that come home.  You just have to present it in a very positive light before you leave.  Again, we go w/ what works for us and this always has. 

The house.  We're trying to figure it all out.  Checking into all kinds of options.  Moving is not an option at htis time as it would cost us too much to fix up the home to sell it.  So, we stay.  Now, looking into refinancing.  If we can do that, we would be doing well.  Well in terms of getting things fixed around here.  LOL.  The people who were supposed to fix our windows can't now.  So, windows are in, yet, we can't put them in.  We're figuring this one out.  Roll w/ the punches. 

Our garden is growing.  Really growing.  I'd do some pictures but as you all camera.  It's water logged.  I may see if I can borrow one for the kids' ceremonies next week.  Though, if most know my camera history, that may be a bad idea.  LOL.  Flowers are in full bloom.  Love it!  Have hydrangea bouquets all ove hte house w/ iris' in them.  A post w/ all that later as I think I have some old pics of some flowers.  Would brighten up the blog.  Alright, lots more to do so signing off.  I'm too tired for a thoughtful Thursday this week.  Will have one for next week for sure!  My kids have been great lately.  Okay, bedtime has not gone so well b/c of all the lightening bugs but other than that, they've been great.  So, I can't complain.  More on here later.  Flowers for sure.  And, we're getting back into that Flabulous to Fabulous Friday!  Yes, yes I am. 

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