Friday, May 14, 2010


we're off!!  We are getting ready to leave w/ the normal over amount of excitement and chaos that usually preceeds one of our trips.  I don't have time to download pictures but will when I get home Sunday.  Can't wait.  Kids were great yesterday coming home from school and getting everything ready.  Decided to have something easy for dinner so turkey, corn on cob, stuffing and baked beans.  Yeh, so the baked beans were leftovers.  LOL.  Anyhow, good dinner, some last minute shopping and busting Yana for trying to use the computer.  Don't ask.  I will explain later.  Just know, disappointed.  It was going so, SO well.  URGHH!!!  Poor judgement is no excuse is what I told her.  She did apologize and we've discussed it but still it was going so, so well.  Can't have a trip w/ out a little drama, right? 

Everyone is looking forward to the trip.  Can't wait to share it all with you and maybe some of what we learn.  IEP info was quite helpful last time.  Hope I get some more of that as I have 4 of them next week.  Yikes!  I will leave you w/ one picture.  Of course, Nik drew it.  Here goes:

Notice in this picture the nice, happy faces?  I like this much, much more!  He said it was our van, the mountains, the house & us leaving.  Notice the packed bags?  He also told me he put some rock climbing in there.  Love it.  Enjoy your weekend.  I know we will.  Be back on Sunday evening. 

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