Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm advocating for a baby girl.  She just turned a year old in February.  She is just simply adorable!  "Faith" has a few things to overcome in life but w/ the right help, she will absolutely thrive.  Especially, being adopted so early on.  Faith has vision issues.  She recently had eye surgery.  She most likely sees light and shadows.  However, as most of you are aware, none of this is for certain nor will the outcome be known till the child is evaluated by US Doctors.  She is said to have some hearing as well with hearing aids.  Otherwise, her other development is just fine.  She is starting to stand and walk.  She is located in Eastern Europe and it is a two to three trip process.  This little baby will require a very special family to reach her fullest potential.  If interested in more information, please contact me at boydbunch@gmail.com and I can direct you further on where to go. 

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