Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I am still hurting from yesterday's injury.  That being the case and I can not think clearly, I just have one thing to say for Thoughtful Thursday.  ALL the kids were awesome when I got hurt. They were all helping clean up, asking if they could start dinner, giving the little kids a bath, helping to carry stuff, etc.  All of them were extremely sympathetic and genuinely caring.  I was rather impressed and began to wonder if I should get hurt weekly.  Just kidding. 
Yesterday I was at a neighbor's house when their dog came to greet me full force..head knee.  Yep.  Left knee got it head first and then I fell onto the concrete...knee first.  It was NOT the dog's fault.  She was just being a friendly dog.  Iced it and tried to elevate.  Tried to sleep w/ no avail.  Warren took me in this morning after I hit the ground again in pain by turning the wrong way w/ it.  X-ray was clean.  I go back on Monday.  If still hurting, it is onto an MRI to see if I did something to the meniscus.  fun, fun.  Again, life is never dull here.  I will admit, I am exhausted.  I forgot how getting hurt really does wear you out. 

Not too much else going on right now.  I will update a little more, including that older child post that I keep saying will get done.  Kids have field day tomorrow.  I may try to go.  Can always sit and watch them.  Enjoy your day.  My leg is immolbilized at the moment.  A very hot long brace to enjoy just in time for the 90F weather this weekend.  Could be worse so I should not say a word.  More to come when I'm more up to typing.  Hard to sit in this chair & type w/ the leg straight out.  LOL. 

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