Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello again!  Well, busy as usual today and tomorrow is no exception since I'm working tomorrow.   Lots of juggling today but no eggs fell so I guess we're good.  5 of the 7 kids went to the dentist.  Only 1 had cavities.  Ironically, it is our OCD kiddo...Irina.  The one very, very obsessed w/ cleaning and no germs, etc.  Dentist explained it isn't her lack of care but the way her teeth are designed and said it was a matter of time.  She had sealants on them but she gets tics sometimes and grinds her teeth.  Anyhow, Irina has cavities that need to be filled and that will be done in June.  She is very upset about it despite us explaining it really and truely wasn't her fault.  Anyhow, not bad w/ everyone not having any problems.  Relieved. 

Onto Thoughtful Thursday. 

Irina-- We went strawberry picking and got 8 big buckets of strawberries.  Irina took it upon herself after I had taken a break to cut off the tops ofthe strawberries for me.  Very sweet of her.

Max-- "mom, do you want this fixed?"  Sure.  Thinking he'd get to it one day.  nope, Max went ahead and fixed my birdfeeder right then and there.  Very thoughtful of him.

Yana-- Helped Nik fix his bike when it was broken.  She also made all the kids sandwiches one morning as well.

Bojan-- knew I wanted to learn more sign language.  Got permission and checked out the book from teh library for me instead of getting himself a book.  Sweet.

Alyona-- Went ahead and vaccuumed on her own.  Wanted to help clean.  She also has been playing a lot with Nik just to be nice. 

Alex-- Bojan's leg fell off while he was riding his bike.  Alex bolted over there to pick it up and help Bojan put his leg back on.

Nik-- Gave dad a kiss!  Usually, he'll just give me a kiss in the morning. 

Those are some of the thoughtful things my kids did this week that I can remember.  I'm sure there is more.  As a parent to many FAS kids, I think it is vital to find the good.  That way, when the bad happens(like tonight w/ Alex raiding my closet), I can handle it better.  Reminds me there is much good to be found in these kids. 

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