Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I can not believe it is already Thursday and the last day of Spring Break for the kids.  Wow, what a week!  Been very busy here.   Yesterday was all errands.  I know I mentioned it on here before but Warren and I have been doing some reading lately on nutrition/ diets for FAS children.  It would do us all so much good.  So, we have made a commitment to truly change the way we eat.  A couple things at atime so it is not so dramatic.  I want fresh fruit every single day and we're shooting for twice a day.  So, if any of you have an orchard, we'd be glad to do business.  LOL.  Seriously though, no more canned fruit or veggies.  Fresh fruits and veggies.  If the veggies are not in season, then they'll be frozen.  Try not to but we like corn and let's face it, there is no winter corn crop here.  We are going for more natural ingredients.  Living more like they did years ago when they didn't have all this "extra" stuff added to food.  No dyes, just flavor.  So, we make our own pasta sauces and anything else we want.  I am going to dabble in bread making on Friday.  If it works and is cheap enough, we'll make our own bread.  If not, stick w/ what works for now.  We use 40 loaves of bread a month.  Yikes!  That would indeed be a lot of bread making w/ one oven.  Grandparents used to grow up making their own stuff and thinking nothing of it.  Including, yummy cookies.  We are going to really stick to this and I'll let you know how it goes after a month.  See if there are any changes in the kids or us.  Our hardest will be slowly getting rid of the amount of sugar.  You really don't realize it.  Sneaks in there.  Yes, we'll still have desserts here and there but just seems too much right now.  And after reading a bunch of posts on FAS and how their dietary changes helped their kids' behavior, we're going for it.  The kids loved having the fresh cantelope and melon yesterday as much as if I had bought them a box of chocolates.  This morning we had fresh strawberries w/ pancakes.  Lunch are oranges w/ the meal.  No processed food.  Well, a limited amount anyhow.  Now, by Sunday our whole family may be clawing the pantry for some type of chocolate.  Who knows.  But, for the interest of our health, we're going to give this a shot for sure.  Wish us luck.  We had wonderful grilled shrimp and veggies last night.  Tonight, it is salad and baked potato.  Of course this weekend we're having friends over so it wil be burgers on the grill.  Ironically, my kids would prefer the portobello mushroom burgers we make.  They actually asked me yesterday at the grocery store if we could have them again.  Too expensive.  Had them before b/c I got the mushrooms on sale.  That is the one thing I hate the most about doing this all natural/ fresh style of life.  It is VERY expensive compared to the other way.  I see why we got caught up in the processed food and such.  The costs.  But, nothing compares to the cost of our health and kids' sanity.  So, we'll find cuts in other things.  And, planting our own garden will surely help. 

Now, onto what I originally came to write about.  Thoughtful Thursday.  A day when I try to reflect one thoughtful thing each of my kids has done during the course of the week.  So, here goes.

Irina-- was our bag checker before the trip.  (remember, no socks for the little kids.  LOL).  She did this on her own.  She knew I was busy.  Also, let Alyona sleep in her room w/ her b/c Irina knew Alyona was having a rough time with no friends coming over.  Very thoughtful. 

Max-- Took it upon himself to weedwack b/c he knew Warren was incredibly busy.  He also helped me plant many, many things this week. 

Yana-- Without being asked, raked up all the rocks in teh driveway and redistributed them.  This is NOT an easy job as big as our driveway is. 

Bojan--Picked up a whole bag of limes that was laying on the ground at Sam's when we were grocery shopping.  Thoughtful considering 2 kids(not ours) just stepped right on over the bag instead of picking it up. 

Alyona-- She helped me clean up this week when she saw me working. 

Alex-- Helped Nik build things w/ legos. 

Nik- Went around and shared his pack of gum that he got for Easter.  He didn't have to at all.  He was just being nice. 

Okay, I finished writing this and now they are acting like a bunch of maniacs on speed and being nastier than a sewage spill.  Terrible.  I may have to erase all this and call it terror Thursday instead.  Okay, got to go.  Teh natives are restless and I swear to you, there may be a terrible post in a little while!

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