Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Today is Thursday and also April 1st.  April Fool's Day.  I honestly forgot so did not do anything to the kids today.  Bummer.  Maybe next year.  Thought I'd do a quick post on Thoughtful Thursday as I need to get ready for our trip.  This was a tough week so this may be hard.  Here goes anyhow:

Irina's thoughtful moment this week was actually captured w/ a picture.  IRina was helping Alyona w/ her homework w/out even being asked too.  Irina can relate to alyona very much so b/c they both struggle academically.  Thanks Irina for all your help!

Max-- Max made hotdogs for us all even after his long field trip to Tryon Palace.  

Yana-- She made sandwiches one morning for all the kids.  She knew I was having a horrible day after the horrible night we had.  She took the pressure off me by taking a step up to help everyone get ready for school.

The above "flowers" were picked by Bojan for me!  Very thoughtful of him to do.  Bojan knows I love flowers and picked these up out of the yard after school.  Very sweet and thoughtful for sure.  

Alyona-- Alyona has been trying to always say goodbye to me and Warren every morning w/ a kiss and a hug.  Very thoughtful of her to think of us as she used to just run out the door.  Love it! 

Alex--He helped Nik one mornign get ready for school as he saw Nik was running behind and wouldn't be able to catch up w/out help.  Very thoughtful of Alex to do. 

Nik-- Nik had an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday at school.  He was picking up eggs, reading the names and then giving them to the kids they belonged to.  He was helping them out.  Very thoughtful of him.  And, he can read!  Had to add that one in. 

Hope next week there are some thoughtful happenings around here.  Kids are out of school next week so it may be hard.  I will try to spot the thoughtful moments throughtout the week though.  Have a great week.  I need to prep dinner and go to Alyona's Egg Hunt today.  Yikes!  I'm late.

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