Saturday, April 24, 2010

Strawberry Saturday

We were supposed to go to a carnival today but well all of us opted out.  Kind of nice so we are later taking them all to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard.  It's buy one get one for .25.  Can't beat the deal.  For now, they're all watching Avatar.   New movie we got.  Getting ready to storm outside so great time for a Saturday afternoon movie.   So, since we're doing nothing this Saturday, thought I'd write about our last Saturday adventure...strawberry picking.  Some pics from the adventure.

This is Irina trying to find the biggest berries.  They had fields and fields of berries.  Bright big ones too.  We went the first weekend they had opened.  We do this every year.  Freeze some, eat a lot.  LOL.

This is Warren giving Alyona a bit of a hand w/ picking.  Some of the kids know to pick the bright big red berries.  Alyona and Alex seemed to have trouble w/ this concept and needed help.  Don't want green berries for strawberry shortcake.

Yes, the berries are really that big!  This is Nik showing off his.  He was our most picky picker.  He only wanted the big berries.  Can't blame him.  

Think Bojan is having fun?  These fields are massive as you can see a small portion of them in the background.  They go on forever.  

This is Alex.  Not in the moment.  He's working hard on learning his lessons.  He is trying and I'll have to write about that later.   Here, he was just one of the kids picking berries, having fun.

Alright, one day I'll learn how to flip these pictures over.  But, you can see the smile, right?  Well, Max was almost to the point of throwing a fit b/c he had to go w/ us to pick strawberries.  With FAS kids, sometimes if they get something "stuck" in their head that they want to do, they just can't let go of it.  Well, he wanted to do something else at home.  made him go and he told us later glad he went.  He helped to take some pics but then wanted in on the fun of trying to get the biggest berry.  

Us getting ready to check out.  Warren was taking the picture and I'm behind Irina's head.  Notice some of my teens are now taller than me?!  

Some of our berry buckets waiting to be weighed.  We had 8 of these buckets.  All full.

This is the boxes of strawberries all laid out.  Yes, it is as many as it looks.  I have no idea why there is a basket of clean socks on the kitchen floor.  But, nothing suprises me in this house so I don't ask anymore.  The kids ate an entire box right off the bat.  They were good too.  We went to Smith's Nursery.  Loved it and will probably go again before season is over.  I'm going to attempt to maybe make some jelly w/ some.  We eat them fresh though and then make strawberry shortcake w/ some as well.  A little whip cream and it is a great dessert.  That was our last Saturday adventure.  Like I said, today we just want to hang out for once w/ no clear agenda.  

Alyona is supposed to get surgery but now we have a problem.  Can't get the medical clearance from her regular doc b/c she has to have a checkup w/in 6 months of surgery.  May take her tomorrow but her cardiologist won't be able to sign off in time of pre-op on MOnday.  URGHH.  Have to cancel Monday's appt. and maybe definitely  delay surgery for a later date.  Didn't want to b/c I know Bojan will need surgery too.  Hate doing two surgeries at once and I've done it before.  We'll see.  It always works outfor the best so not too concerned.  Plus, no surgery means we can get another trip in this month.  So, may go to the transportation museum and go on a long train ride.  That would be fun I think.  Something a bit different.  Time to go get some other things done.  Hope you enjoyed our strawberry adventure.  We sure did.  

Alyona , IRina and I went to yardsales this morning and got some great deals and finds.  Even a new patio table and chair set!  Enough now for all 12 of us to sit.  2 sets now of 6 chairs each.  The girls were disappointed I didn't cave to the free kittens.  Umm, no girls.  Still no cats here.  They still had a good time despite no cats coming home w/ us.  Older child post is coming.  I mean it this time.  LOL.  Enjoy your day and hope it is as relaxing as ours. 

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