Monday, April 12, 2010

Stitches, sabotage and spring cleaning!

Well, after such a lengthy and negative post last time, thought I'd try something else this go around.  The first item is stitches.  Yes, one of the boys.  Okay, as some of you are aware, Alex is indeed grounded for awhile.  So, thought we'd have him take a bag and just pick up little pieces of trash along our property.  Some people throw stuff out.  He was picking stuff up and headed back to the house.  Swinging the bag full of glass alongside him.  Yep, sliced his leg up.  I took him this time(warren & I take turns sitting if one is hurt or has to go to urgent care).  2 and a half hours later and 6 stitches later, he was fine.  No worse for wear.  Don't have pics of any of his battle scars, thank goodness.  Now, how is that for a week...grounded, poison ivy and then stitches. 

Next item in the heading is sabotage.  Read the post before this regarding adoption negativity and you'll understand.  Just didn't expect it.  I disobeyed my own 3 rules I tell every parent when adopting:

1.  Be flexible.
2.  you are NEVER in control.
3.  ALWAYS expect the UNEXPECTED.

Sure enough, I did not listen to #3 and had my heart & feelings hurt a bit this past weekend.  I'm over it and writing about it helped immensely.  We'll get there.  So, anyone want to become a long distant relative all of a sudden?--LOL.  I'm just kidding folks, really just kidding.  My adoptions have never been smooth in retrospect so why should this one be any different.  Just have to follow my own rules and I'll get there to completing our family.  The support of family would have been wonderful to have this go around but I guess it is not meant to be.  And that's okay.  To each their own.  Adoption is just the way we complete our family.  It is not a mission for us, not an act of philanthropy, nor an act of kindness.  It really is just the way our family was formed and something we forever treasure be given the opportunity to do. 

Okay, spring time has really been all over the place at this house.  We lOVE color.  Our flowers are starting to bloom and it is just gorgeous all over.   You seriously could not ask for better days.  Just puts everyone in a great mood.  Well, unless you're getting stitches of course.  Here's a look at some flowers starting around the yard:

These are the white and pink azaleas we have in our yard.  Can't wait for a few more years and they'll have some size to them.  Very beautiful and vibrant though.  I try to get most my plants at the end of season clearance.  you know, when they look about half dead.  They can be revived and look at the outcome!

Noticed these the other day.  Remember, our home is surrounded by woods.  There's a variety of plants all around us.  New ones pop up.  This is a flowering vine of some sort that appeared.  We have honeysuckles also that line our wire fencing.  So much so that you can't even see the fence anymore.  smells wonderful this time of year and we all enjoy honeysuckles of course!  they're not quite blooming yet but honeysuckles will be out shortly.

This is another variety of tree we have.  They have the most beautiful blooms this time of year.  Look like giant lily pads.  So gorgeous.  I thought they'd have to smell just as pretty...wrong!   They stink.  My kids brought me one last year from the woods.  Where they're located it was a trick for them to get it.  We put it in the dining room and quikcly took it right back outside.  LOL.  Such a pretty flower w/such a rotten smell.  They are so pretty now though on the trees.  Love it.  

This is a small glimpse of some of our yardwork.  All the landscaping rocks are free.  Wahoo!  We have a variety of plants.  This is only half of what we call "the island."  It has many azaleas(sorry they're not that clear on here), a mimosa tree, iris' on the end, forsynthia shurb and of course the large oak trees.  Other side is filled w/ more azaleas, hydrangeas, and hostas.  We have a hamock in the middle & all of us love to lay in it and look up in the trees.  Feels like you are floating in the sky.

Just wanted to give some upbeat color to this blog after the negativity post.  We are moving forward and upward w/ this adoption journey.  We all know you hit roadblocks along the way.  You just find a different route to go.  Life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.  Fortunately, we are folks that love to drink lemonade.  I do have the older child adoption post coming soon.  Just had to relax a little after this weekend.  Thanks again for the tremendous support and encouragement.  It is times like these that you realize just how important that is.

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