Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick update today

Quick little update.  I'm still working on the older child adoption post.  Longer than I thought.  Today, is  a busy day but taking a quick break to check emails.  Got two more adoption packet things signed and back to the agency.  I swear some of these agencies must have their own legal departments.  LOL.  However, I know all this paper is in the best interest of the kids so no need to complain.  Just funny the amount of paper that I thought was a lot on our first adoption over 10 years ago, is nothing compared to the amount now w/ the two different agencies... homestudy agency and placing agency.  Worth it though. 

Today, 5 of the kids go to the dentist.  As you all know, orphanage kids have horrible teeth.  They really do.  But, we have a wonderful dentist who fixes my kids up beautifully and does it w/ ease.  He works on Moldovian orphans every single summer.  Spends his own money to take a team over to help the orphans.  BTW, a humble man.  He NEVER told me.  His staff members did and then of course we got to talking.  Now that is a man of great character.  Let  you all know how the dentist thing goes. 

Just finished off the phone w/ scheduling Alyona's surgery stuff.  Oh boy.  Now, they are not sure they are equipped to handle her.  Simple tonsillectomy btw.  No big deal.  However, Alyona is a very complicated case and has had a history of surgery trouble in the past.  They are not an inpatient facility and if they do the surgery there and her throat swells up(did last surgery), they will have to transport her to another hospital.  Hoping they can do the surgery here as it is literally right up the road.  Time will tell.  I have to get all kinds of clearances due to her ASD(atrial septum defect of the heart).  Never dull.  Was told today we'll need bloodwork as well.  What started off as a simple surgery is really requiring a lot of steps.  Doing them step by step.  I'll drop the papers off this evening when I go to get Alex's stitches out.  May even get Nik his shot while there.  We'll see.  Got to go.  Lots more work to do before I have to start picking up all the kiddos and then go to the dentist. 

Max got in trouble yesterday... sort of.  I'm still rather angry that the school never apologized to him.  Some student accused Max of having a "weapon."  Then the VP called me, I said you mean pocket knife, right?  Well, it's considered a weapon.  fine.  Does he have it?  Well, we searched him(not sure if this was even legal btw) and his bookbag?  And, does he have a pocket knife?  Well, no but can you look in his room b/c he says it is there.  OKay, at this point I was irate.  She was essentially telling me Max was lying.  Well, they searched and found nothing.  Long story short, he came home and I followed him to his room.  Sure enough, right where he said it would be.  Called the school back and told them I found it.  She said well, we always have to check these things out.  No apology for falsely accusing my son.  BTW, the same girl that accused him is said to have accused another child of having marijuana..again, falsely accused.  I think it is time to look at the source of the information.  It's nuts.  Max uses a pocket knife to whittle wood.  He makes wands for his brothers, bows & arrows and boats to play with.  He keeps the knife here.  I was told by neighbor's kids that a few people were called into the office to be asked about whether they saw Max w/ a knife.  The kids all in the office said no except for the one original accuser.  Hmm, a few against one.  Thinking at that point, the school should have realized Max did nothing.  Anyhow, we will most likely homeschool him again next year so we are just dealing w/ the schools for the rest of the year.  Just sad b/c Max is a very polite, sweet, good kid.  Kind.  He's already down on himself and then someone falsely accuses him...just wrong.  Wonder if I get a personal apology today when I pick him up.  Doubt it.  More to come later today.  Just been very busy lately.  Enjoy your day.  It is gorgeous here. 

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