Monday, April 26, 2010

Nik's drawings & a quick update

Good afternoon!  Figured I'd do a real quick update as I have so much else going on here.  Teacher just called me and she cancelled my meeting today which actually works out fantastic for me.  Warren and I had gone this morning to the courthouse to get SBI fingerprints done.  Yes, we already got the FBI ones backand that clearance letter.  These are for the homestudy.  Gathering all the docs I need so when our social worker, "M" comes, we'll be totally ready for her.  We've had her before for a few visits and a homestudy so she knows us well and all our craziness here.  She "gets it."  I don't have to hear the you're crazy speech.  yeah.  Courthouse was $30 for the printing.  It's the little things in adoption that add up as you all know.   Need to mail those off today.  One other little thing checked off those 2 pages of documents needed for the homestudy.  Warren was printing stuff off last night as well.  We're getting there.  EAch document printed is a step closer to our children.  Love it. 

I've got a list today a mile long so not going to make a long post.  Still working on the older child adoption post.  Add a bit at a time.  Oh, we have decided to cancel Alyona's surgery for now.  No big deal just have to have her get a checkup first and offical cardiology clearance.  Plus, Warren and I are now thinking of holding off on the tonsillectomy as now she doesn't seem to be having issues /w it.  Don't want to put her through a surgery that isn't necessary.  Kind of  a relief.  Next thing is to work on getting Bojan back to the orthopedist he has and scheduling what surgery we'll do for him.  He has asked for an amputation.  More on that antoher time.  Trust me, Bojan knows what he's getting into w/ that.  Again, I'll explain later. 

I've started a support group for other parents w/ children who have mental health disorders.  We're going to meet for the first time this weekend if all goes well.  Having support w/ kids like ours is crucial.  We'll see how it all turns out.  Had to do something.  There was nothing in our area.

Now, for something a bit lighthearted.  Nik loves to draw as you all know to express himself. That's fine.  In school though, he's been drawing some crazy things.  You remember, Humpty Dumpty getting pushed off the wall and then fried by the sun.  Or the kid swinging who gets decapitated by another kid kicking.  Stuff like that.  Don't know where he comes up w/ half this stuff.  Well, he's at it again.  Here's a pic:

Looks innocent enough, right?  It says " The little red hen wants to share her food."  There is a bird, a dog and a chicken.  Well, red hen.  The chicken has got to be a canibal at this point.  Why?  He's cooking on the grill!  And when I asked Nik what was cooking on the grill, he said chicken.  So, little red hen is going to eat one of her own.  LOL.  Hey, everyone's happy in this pic at least.  

Ahh, finally.  A happy drawing by my Nik Nak.  I just liked this one a lot.  I think he did an awesome job for a kindergartner.  Don't you?  And the clown is happy.  Nik likes to express himself by drawings.  And he does so very well.  What he did this weekend though just made me want to cry.  He was trying so hard to learn sign language.   He picked up our ASL dictionary and started to do the signs.  First one he was on was abortion.  Umm, no, not learning that one at this young age.  So, I turned the pages and went to something that I could show him and was nearby.  Blanket.  Easy.  So,we learned that one together.  He also this weekend "fixed" one of my signs.  Told me I was doing see wrong.  He fixed my fingers the way he wanted.  He showed me first, I tried and then he fixed my hand to do it the right way.  Smart little cookie.  He gives me a big hug every time I learn seomthing new.  He also corrected me on the number 20 not too long ago.  We're learning together.  

Okay, this was way longer than I thought it would be for a brief hello.  Time to get some real work done.  Have a great week. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... Oh!... What a smart little cute you have!... Their drawings are wonderful!!!... And I can imagine him signing and correcting your sign, and it could be the sweetest picture I could ever imagine!... He´s awesome!!!...
    Thanx for sharing he´s drawings!... I send a BIG huge for him and everybody!...
    Kind regards!...