Monday, April 19, 2010

Just hanging out...

I know it's been awhile so thought you all might like some new pics of the kiddos doing what they do best...hanging out and having fun.  I have quite a few other posts to do but trying to play catch up here.  Got bit by something wicked this weekend(we don't know what yet) but it made me sick & arm wasn't really the best in function and use.  So, playing catch up.  Here we go.

Well, our pool is not opened yet so the kids did the next best thing... a sprinkler.  I'm telling you, these kids could have fun anywhere.  And I know Bojan is not supposed to be wearing that brand new foot & leg.  (sorry Frank!).  But the kid wants to run and jump and every once in awhile, we'll let him get it wet.  Don't worry, he's not like the tin man and his parts are not going to rust out.  LOL.  Alex is starting to see something.  Have any idea what it might be?  Turned out to be this little creature:

Yep, a big frog.  Irina is holding it.  All of them gathered round this frog forever.  My kids love creatures and picking stuff up.  They are much, much braver than I.  Though my kids are shocked to hear I had 2 igaunas in college as pets.  We have plenty of critters and creatures in this yard to keep them busy.  they love it.  Here is another one of our kids exploring nature:

This is Alyona admiring a giant beetle.  We had started to move some mulch and they were all over it.  They love finding bugs.  Which reminds me, need another bug catching kit this year.  My tupperware containers are slowly disappearing already.  

Sometimes, we help each other out.  (bummer, should have saved this for Thoughtful Thursday.  LOL.  It may appear again).   Yana is attempting to fix Nik's new bicycle.  Yes, she is using tape and scissors.  Nice try but we got him a new pedal instead of a tape job.  But, we let her try anyhow.  FAS/ RAD kids really need that self-confidence booster and feeling like they are helping is a good thing.  So, some things we quietly let them try even if we know it will fail in the end.  It is all part of the process.  The stroller in the background is just for the kids that I babysit for during the day.  Didn't want anyone to think Nik was still in a stroller.  Umm, no.  

Sometimes, the moments of joy do not last around here.  That is to be expected.  This is Alex.  As you all know, he is one of ours that has a myrid of diagnosis, including RAD and FAS.  He will fall apart at times.  Now, you may think it is mean to snap a shot but let me tell you all what I have learned over the years that may help someone else.  RADishes HATE it when you video tape them or take a picture.  Why?  It is live proof of their behavior that they will adamently deny.  But they see themselves in a different light and do not like it one bit.  I use this as a learning tool later on.  Usually, I erase the pictures.  This time, I thought I'd share what we do.  And no, none of my kids know this blog address nor how to get to it.  This is mainly for adoptive parents anyhow and friends and family.  RADishes and FASers need time to process what they do as their processing speed is slower.  The pictures give Alex a chance to look back at his behavior and why he is being punished.  It does help a small bit.  BTW, while sitting there he managed to destroy 2 of my flowers.  Don't worry, he had to help me plant more.  

I told them to take their plates in b/c they forgot.  This is what I got.  Can they do anything w/out making a joke?  don't think so.  Boys.  

This is a little fairy toy that we got at the yardsale.  The kids...big and small, love it.  So do I.  It is just a bit of fun to see how high you can get it.  Irina is testing it now.  This was the night we had company over to visit.  Lots of fun and all the kids just played well together.  There were 10 here so we got a glimpse of what it is going to be like.  Practice, practice.  LOL.  


Alright.  So, sometimes you can modify a recipe and it works out great.  Umm, not in this case.  I modified the candy cake recipe and let's just say I will not be doing that again.  Sadly enough, the guests loved it.  Really, really loved it.  I guess presentation is only half of it.  The strawberry poundcake is beside it.  I promise, it doesn't always look this bad when I bake.  Sad truth, I used to work in a bakery for years during school.  Okay, stop laughing now.  

Lots more to say and show you all.  Special Olympic pictures are forthcoming as is an older child post.  I will also talk a bit about the negativity post I did awhile back.  Lots of feedback both on and off the blog.  One thing I will not do on this blog is name names of people other than my family.  A long and lengthy comment was made but we did not post for various reasons.  Not just b/c it was negative but again, names.  This blog is for us, about us, and for adoptive parents.  That is why you will see mostly pictures of our family and not neighbors or the kids I watch or the people that come over to visit.  I feel it is their right to remain private even though I know most wouldn't care.  We do it out of respect for them.  So, that is why I did not post the comment made by a family member.  Again, I'll address that both on here and privately tomorrow.  Right now, it is time for me to double check homework and get started w/ dinner.  We're eating outside on our "new" picnic table!  More about that one in another post.  Enjoy your evening everyone. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... Great pics!... I see all of you are enjoyning the good weather!!!... (Here it´s starting the bad one: Fog in the morning and cold!). Thanks for share your experiences -as I always tell you!- and to protect the privacy of the rest of the persons around you, that´s very kind of you!.
    Ok!... We´ll wait for more!... Big huge for all of you!!!... (Specially Alex! -this time- That I think he´s passing a tough time!). There is a phrase that sais: "Give me a big huge when I worst behave myself, because it´s when I would need it the most!" -I don´t know if the translation it´s ok!, hope you have got the idea!- ;) Kind regards!...