Monday, April 26, 2010

Homestudy docs

Since I know some are new here and new to adoption, thought I might make a list of what documents are needed for our homestudy. These are docs for US to gather in addition to social worker visits and such. 

Copy of marriage cert
Copy of divorce decree(if applicable)
Copy of birth cert for EVERY member of your family
Copy of military discharge (if applicable)
A recent (w/in 3months) color picture of everyone in the family
A recent photo of exterior (front & back) of your home
Completed health examination of EVERY member of your family
Proof of life insurance coverage
Proof of health insurance coverage
Proof of health insurance coverage of the adopted child at time of placement
Individual autobiographies
Guardianship letter
Copy of your recent federal tax return
Financial statement
Education tracking sheet
Child abuse clearances
FBI clearances
NC Responsible Individuals List (only if you live in NC)
NC Sworn Statement

 Well, this is the list we have to gather.  I'm working on it.  I have almost all of it done.  We got SBI fingerprinted this morning.  We are lucky that we don't have to do the autobiographies as we've done them before for same agency.  They're on file.  After tonight, only one thing left to gather.  My part will be D-O-N-E!  Can't wait.  Take that back, still have to do the stupid parenting classes.  Yes, even after 7 children, we have to take adoption parenting classes.  It is a lot of paper indeed.  BUT, it can be done.  Has to be done in order to get the kids home.  This is only for the homestudy folks.  We haven't even dove into what is needed for a dossier for a country.  OY!  Those are monsters to do.  But, one piece of paper at a time.  One appointment at a time.  It slowly comes together and then years after the kids are home you say, Yes, I could indeed do that again.  LOL.  Hence, why we are here once again.  Got to go put my papers away that I got out.  Already had peanut butter on the FBI fingerprints I sent off.  BTW, they didn't say a word.  I wiped them pretty clean.  Don't need any kid stuff on the homestudy docs either.  Which reminds me... I now have to send a note in regarding Maxx's homework over the weekend.  Nik & Alex were making paper airplanes out of any paper laying around.  Yep, Max's homework became victim.  He doesn't think the teacher will believe him.  I assured him teacher will believe mom.  So, for obivous reasons, going to go put these docs away now. 

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