Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, so many wordy posts, I'd thought we'd do some pictures finally.  Always fun to see the kids, right?  So, I guess we should get started. 

Sometimes, homework is just too much for them.  LOL.  This is Alex.  He does this every single day.  Falls asleep while doing homework.  I truly think the school does not believe me.  It's the truth though.  Just look at him.  

Another sleeper.  But, notice Alyona behind her.  Not as sweet as she seems now, is she?  She has a feather and is getting ready to wake Irina up by tickling her.  And yes, she did wake her up.

Yes, not the best snack options I know.  HOwever, every once in awhile, you have to have a Pringle.  But, that is not what this picture is about.  Our 11yo son, Bojan, is almost caught up to our 17yo daughter, Irina.  Irina is not happy about being short but smiled for the picture anyhow.  With adoptive children from EE, most of the time you will have very limited birth history.  So, you have no idea how tall they may be.  Of course now Bojan thinks he's hot stuff b/c he's grown so much.  Yep, that's a boy for you.  

What is Alyona pointing to?  Well, she believes it is her first pimple and she's was thrilled beyond belief.  She said now I'm one of the big girls!  I did not have the heart to tell her it was a misquito bite.  And that the rash on her belly is simply poison ivy.  No puberty yet.  Can you hang on a few more years for me?  I think she has a little ways to go but funny how she'll idolize  her sisters even down to the littlest things.  Why do they all want to gow up so fast?

Bear is still hanging on.  What a champ.  He is 100 lb. flat coated retriever.  Best dog ever!  Very tolerant of all the kids & even the little ones I watch that tend to grab his tail.  He's never bit anyone.  Bear loves to just lay outside and watch everyone go by.  He no longer can chase squirrels and I think he's getting cataracts now.  He loves the outdoors and can still smell food up on hte table.  We love our teddy bear dearly.  

Anyone who has kids with some behavioral issues, I can tell you physical activity does indeed help.  My kids are very, very physically active.  The trampoline was one of our best investments for sure.  They use this and the swingset literally everyday.  They love it.  The swingset Warren had built when Max & Irina came home.  It is over 10 years old.  We love how the backyard is surrounded by trees.  In those woods is a creek that surrounds our property.  Kids love to play in that as well.  

Those are just a few pics from around the house.  I'll have Nik's "event" tomorrow.  Right now, just in some pain.  My neighbor's dog loves to greet me every time she sees me.  Well, this time she greeted me full force into my knee.  Not broken, I can tell.  Swollen though and excruciatingly painful.  When Warren gets home, I may go in to doc to get it checked out.  I'm hoping it is just very badly bruised.  This of course is the bad knee.  I'm using crutches, icing it and trying to rest it.  Hard to do at times here.  But, the kids are really helping out so that is great.  Going to see if I have a spare brace.  Never dull here, that's for sure.  

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