Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happenings and updates

Adoption news.  Oh, so,so much to say.  Guess I will start w/ happy news.  Our social worker has been assigned and is a dream come true...the same one we've had!!!  If you might remember, she was on maternity leave.  She is back and so are we.  Can hardly wait to hear from her soon.  Spoke w/ the director today about a few things.  Did realize that we need life insurance on me.  Have it with Warren but I need some too.  We've looked into it before but had totally forgotten about it for awhile.  Nice reminder and something we'll be checking into tomorrow.  We love our agencies...both of them.  I will give names a little further into the process but just don't want to at this point in time.  If anyone needs a recommendation though either locally in the triangle area of NC for a homestudy or a placement agency in any state, let me know.  I have probably the two best!  Going to stop by the local sheriff's dept. tomorrow for an SBI criminal check.  Alright, I already did the FBI checks.  Got to love it.  YOu have to have criminal clearance at every single level.  I do understand it though.  It is needed.  We'll do this tomorrow and also pick up some copies of our marriage certificates.  We're going near the courthouse anyhow to go to Special Olympics.  Might as well kill two birds w/ one stone.  Progress.  Every piece of paper obtained for an adoption is progress.  It seriously is.  So, though it is tedious and boring, it is exciting at the same time. 

Alex and stitches.  His stitches are looking great.  Though I can take them out myself, doc wants to see him back in 10 days to check the wound.  Fine w/ me and have it on the calender.  Hasn't been that long yet but is looking good.  WE've not given him the script either.  For us, sometimes a judgement call what meds that they should have or not.  Glad Alex is back in ship shape.  So, all our boys have had stitches now.  2 of the girls have.  So, Yana is the only one.  Trust me, I don't mind a bit to not have all 7 in the "stitches club." 

Special Olympics.  Well, tomorrow is Special Olympics for Alyona.  I will have many pictures of her.   She should shine like the sun!  Speaking of which, it is supposed to be near 90F tomorrow.  Yikes.  Hot.  But sunny so I can't complain.  We will do what we always do w/ her.  WE go, enjoy ourselves and then take her out to eat afterwards.  There are many restaurants over htere and we'll let her pick.  (please, no Mickey D's.  LOL)We'll see.  We'll also run errands afterwards for the adoption so she'll be thrilled to show off her medals.  CAn't wait. 

IEP Meeting.  Had a meeting for Max this week.  He's starting to fail.  Went from A's & B's to D's & F's.  What we had done earlier this semester is switch him to a resource and regular setting versus the self-contained.  It is clear to us that he can not function in a regular setting any more.  We were hopeful but sometimes you just have to accept where hte child functions best. For Max, it is self-contained to be successful.  They would not change his placement however b/c he is indeed smart.  URGHH.  We know he's smart.  That's not the problem.  The problem is what type of environment he can learn in.  We worked out a plan for measuring progress in 2 weeks and then meet again. 

Had 13 kids here this afternoon as I was helping out a neighbor.  So, guess I'm getting practice.  LOL.  Sugar free popsicles go a long way.  Anyhow, I've been very, very busy and haven't had the chance to post much.  I have 2 urgent situations to find 2 kids a home for.  More on those 2 tomorrow.  Also pictures tomorrow.   Been taking a breather too from the negativity post I wrote a few days ago.  Apparently, some family does read this blog.  I was sent a comment but did not post it b/c it has names.  I did not give any relation or name on that post for a reason.  I have much more to say about all this.  I really do. Now though, is not the time.  I will clear a few things up for sure.  Speaking from deep raw feelings sometimes is not the best decision.  Again, more on that later.  Right now, need some sleep and ready for Alyona's day tomorrow.  Nik has a party tomorrow night.  Alyona is having a friend over.  Warren is working this weekend so plans have changed and we are here Saturday.  Kids and I may go strawberry picking on Saturday.  I know I'll go yardsaling a bit too.  Lots more to tell.  Hope your weekend is just as fun. 

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