Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Full bloom

Spring is a time for flowers and outdoor fun.  Thought since it is such a rainy day that I might share a few photos of flowers around the house.  Don't have any of the Iris' yet or Lillies as they are not quite in bloom.  For those who don't know, I have a passion for flowers.  Love them.  Well, except for roses.  LOL.  You work in a florist shop during Mother's Day or Valentine's Day and you'll come to hate them too.  You never want to see another rose again.  We keep plants very simple here and try to do low maintence.  I love colors that are bright and I believe the bright pinks and white make a yard pop w/ that color.  I took a few shots of a little color starting in our yard.  I know I've shared the azaleas before so I'll move onto some other things. 

Well, not sure what happened when I tried to upload photos.  It may or may not come out.. the second picture.  It is a row of hostas.  These hostas are huge and are not anywhere near full bloom yet.  They just seem to pop w/ color.  Now, the plants surrounding them are called impatients.  They are supposed to be annuals.  However, I let them die out every year and then they go to seed.  It's great b/c towards the end of hte summer I have endless color all from a couple of seeds.  You won't believe it till you see it and I'll be sure to show you later in the summer.  It really is amazing.  I just buy a few of them to plant(like the ones above)  The rest fills in and grows tall.  It is breathtaking and cheap.  Just like the hostas.  We cut them up at the end of the season and transplant to other parts of the yard.  They do well and look beautiful I think.  

These are geraniums.  You don't have to spend a fortune to make the yard look a little better.  I bought 3 of these and put them together.  They were on super clearance at Lowes b/c they had a few dead leaves. Just pick them off and it looks fine.  As long as the majority of hte plant is healthy looking, you can bring most plants back to life.  Geraniums also tend to bloom most of the summer.  Usually, I put a Hibiscus in here.  However, they were too small looking this season and way over priced.  So, I went w/ something different and hopefully, it will add a littl pizazz.  

This is just one of our hydrangea shrubs.  We have 17 of them in the yard.  There are some pink, some light blue and some white.  These are our early bloomers.  I promise these plants are real even though they  are so bright, they kind of look fake.  Click on the pictures and you can see them a bit closer and better.  Here's another view:

I think the color is just fantastic!  These are first year plants.  So, I do not cut them off at all.  However, all my other hydrangeas, I cut the blooms and have fresh floral arrangements throughout the house.  It's great and doesn't cost a dime once the flowers start producing each year.  I make sure I have great dirt.  Never skimp on the dirt.  Lesson learned the hard way.  

Not a pretty picture but to show you a  work in progress.  The azaleas we've had for a few years and they are finally starting to spread out more.  In about two years, the hydrangeas should be as big as our other ones in the yard.

It may be hard to see but there are 4 hydrangea shrubs along side the house.  The two in the middle are the mop-laced hydrangeas.  Anyhow, I bought these on clearance two years ago in little pots.  Look at them now!  They grow pretty steady.  The one on the corner of the house we even chopped up into pieces last year.  We divided it into five other plants and planted them around the yard.  An experiement of sorts.  All the plants survived and are growing.  I just realized in the picture there is the satellite dish from the previous owners.  Umm, do you think it is time to detach that thing?  LOL.  Yes, we're a little slow on some things around here.  

We have many,many more flowers all over the yard.  Hope you all enjoyed a few of them.  Since I have some serious posts coming up, I just wanted a few pretty flowers to brighten things up first.  Next post:  older child adoption. 


  1. What a beautiful yard. Love your hostas. I have several but it's a continual battle with the snails to keep them alive. What lovely hydrangeas you have, too. I love hydrangeas. I have a couple of lace-caps and they are enormous!

  2. Gorgeous! I am a little unclear on the impatiens - do they come back year after year for you?? I need to get the pansies out this weekend and put in some summer blooming plants. I always want to do geraniums but can't find enough of them.

  3. Oh, I just love hostas!!!
    They don't like it here though...just too hot for them. We are in heavy black soil that is not much good for anything other than grass, trees and a few crape myrtles. But your yard looks fabulous!