Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chores around the house

Every household has chores to do.  Ours is no exception.  Everyone is expected to do chores everyday.  Then sometimes though, we have spring cleaning and a fall cleaning.  That's what we did some of last weekend.  I figured I'd share some pictures to let you see some of the chores that we do.  So, here goes. 

Well, after a few weeks of pollen coating the cars in yellow-green dust, we decided it was high time to wash them.  You know you have a big family when you have to have a ladder to wash the car.  I was washing the top but couldn't get the middle.  Max said he could so I let him.  Alyona and Nik wanted to help as well.  Now, originally I did not let Nik help.  This is what he did:

I told Nik he could not help wash the car.  So, he went off and pouted.  Caught him peeking out from the back of the house.  I finally caved and let him help.  He's help is more of a hinderance than a help.  LOL.  But, got to let him try sometimes.  There are some chores all of us do and some that just one or two of the kids do.  Here is another chore that gets done in the spring and fall:

Cleaning the grill so it doesn't end up like the other one.  Max took everything apart and cleaned it all out.  Dirty job and glad I don't have to do it.  Way to go Max.  Thanks for the help.  

Scrubbing down all the indoor trashcans.  I could not believe Irina actually took this job upon herself to do.  And, as they were drying in the sun, Irina took a break:

Yep, talking on the phone.  Irina is definitely our social butterfly and loves to talk.  To anyone.  This is why we know a cell phone would not work for her.  Minute usage would be more than the hours in the day.  LOL.  But, she does love to talk and thankfully can go anywhere in the yard w/ the cordless phone.  

Yeh, you're right.  We did not even attempt this as a spring cleaning chore.  Well, this is what will be Alyona and her new sisters' room.  Yes, believe it or not.  There is someone that is coming to build a shed.  A good chunk of this will be put in the shed or gotten rid of.  Then, the real work begins on making this room into a real room for 3 princesses.  Alyona has already declared that she wants it pink.  Should be cleared out over the next month or so.  Wahoo!!!
Well, after a hard day's work of cleaning, it was time for a nice dinner.  

Warren decided to cook shrimp and veggies on the grill.  We all love this dish.  We have some great seasonings and we love fresh veggies.  Throw it on top of some rice and you have a very filling meal.  It was a great way to end a long day of hard work.  Everyone chipped in though and it made it go faster.  Now, to tackle some indoor spring cleaning next weekend possibly.  

The weather here has been fantastic lately.  We have been outside all the time practically.  Friends come over & hang out w/ us.  The kids' friends have come over to hang out as well.  Lots of soccer, badmitton, trampoline jumping, frisbee and other things going on everyday in the yard.  GReat to see for sure.  Can hardly wait for summer time but enjoying this weather so much, don't want to hurry summer along quite yet.  Enjoy your day.  On my way to an IEP meeting today.  Wish me luck.  We're pulling 2 to 3 kids out of school in the fall to homeschool them.  Tell more in upcoming posts. 

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  1. Wow!! Wanna come over and help me? I'll feed you! :) Actually in our house..big or small, young or old all are expected to do chores too! :)