Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charlotte Trip--part IV (headed home!)

We awoke and got a shower.  Remember me feeling rather grossed out.  Yuck.  Felt better after the shower though.  Had a big breakfast and then out the door we headed.   We went a different route home and it was definitely the way to go.  We reluctantly woke up:

Doesn't she just look like a joy to be around?... NOT!!!  You never knew someone so little can become so mean when woken early.  She did eventually perk up.

We started off on our trip home.  Well, we decided since it WAS Easter that we would hold a little church type service in the car.  Well, really a recap of why we have Easter.  We started off by asking them what is the reason we celebrate Easter.  I swear to you the conversation was almost identical to that of the scene from Cheaper By the Dozen.  You know... "It's Jesus' birthday.  NO it's not.  Jesus was born on Christmas but died on Easter. "  And then the arguement went a bit deeper.  Remember, FAS children have a very hard time with abstract concepts and let's face it,most of religion is pretty abstract.  Lots of faith and having them understand what faith is is just difficult.  You should see some of the things they've pulled from lectures at church...oy!  Once we cleared up that Christ died on Easter and then rose again (yes, we did clear it up that we can not just die and come back to life or they would indeed try this at home.  Not joking here).  We asked who betrayed Jesus.  Max's response:  "that dude."  Yeh, alright son.  You're getting a bible out to read when we get home.  URGHH.  Maybe they were tired.  Parents can only hope, right?  

After a long and mostly unproductive Easter conversation, we decided to stop off and stretch our legs.  McDonalds was closest so that was where we stopped.  Got them a snack.  For some reason, the delicious and nutritious apples we had packed just did not seem as appealing.  We were on our way again.  

Alex had no time eating a McDonald's hamburger.  Does it count as nutritious if we all had water to drink?  LOL.  Nik was busy trying to figure out that Rubik's Cube w/ no success.  

We got home and unloaded the car.  Made great time so had a good chunk of the day left to do stuff.  Went to Lowes and got some items to finish up our plantings.  Our neighbors came over and all the kids were playing in the front yard.  It really was nice to just chit chat and let all the kids play.  11 of them.  Went in for a good night's sleep on our own beds.  Everyone slept and then Warren headed to work the next morning while the kids and I stayed home and worked on the yard all day long.  Today, we're just going to trim some hedges, wash the van(currently yellow-green from all the pollen), weedwack, and whatever else is left outside.  We're also prepping around the pool as it is so hot here (90F) and only beginning of April.  Unusual for even this state.  Cleaning and opening the pool soon.  Kids will be psyched.  They love to swim.  Well, need to get busy here.  Lots to do today.  Hope you all enjoyed our trip recap as much as we enjoyed getting away.  

We are going NO WHERE this coming weekend.  Instead, we are planting our big organic garden.  Can hardly wait.  We have also made the conscience decision to not buy any more canned veggies.  Going to all fresh veggies and fruits.  It's a small step but every small little step will lead to a greater journey.  kind of like adoption, right?  LOL.  Our family wants to become much healthier but are making small changes at a time.  You can tell they're baby steps by the Micky D's , right?  I just finished our menu for the month.  We're trying some new stuff.  My kids don't mind vegetarian meals so that is a good thing.  But, we are not going to do that everyday of course.  We'd miss Warren's burgers way too much.  Again, some baby steps.  Have a great week.  Next adventure I think is our family carnival/ cookout at the hospital.  We also have deaf camp, a zoo trip, and a carnival in May.  And Alyona's surgery.  Next weekend is our only free weekend I think until mid-June.  We're taking advantage of it for sure. 

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