Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlotte Trip--part III (King's Mountain, part C)

After the hike, we went back to the hotel to freshen up.  I had to remind the boys what that meant.  You know, so that they didn't smell like pig sweat. 

 This is Nik relaxing after learning what it meant to freshen up as a boy.  He was making himself comfortable.  I know the shirt is a bit premature but I absolutely LOVE it and love the fact that one day he will indeed be a big brother!  He knows what the shirt says but I think is a bit perplexed as any kindergartner would.  He likes the fact that it says B I G.  Cute in it though and he is going to make an awesome big brother. 

Once they were done, we headed out to our next destination.... a local campfire and cookout w/ friends.  No kids were going to be there this go around so wasn't sure just how the kids would take this one.  They loved it!  They mingled w/ the adults just fine, played some games and ate... and ate.  Here are some pics of them getting comfortable w/ their surroundings:

Nik and Max mastering the game of horseshoes.  They all had so much fun playing it that I really think we eventually need a set here.  Seriously.  Some of the kids came very close too of making a ringer.

I think this chair is just the right size for Alyona.  What do you think?  Even Alyona ate here!  Miracle, I know.  And they loved watching the food cook:

Cooked right over a campfire.  The sweet potatoes and potatoes are steaming in aluminum foil on the lower left.  They were SO good and soft.  Kids thought it was great that you didn't need a stove to cook or a grill.  LOL.  Rookies for sure.  

I love this picture.  This is Nik getting ready to eat his dinner.  Hot dogs, chips, some potato salad and tea.  He just seems so innocent here.  Just a kid enjoying a campfire meal.  Then I get to thinking, a few years ago, he would have never have had this chance to experience this life.  He was headed to a mental institution because he was deaf.  Sad but true.  But here w/ us, he lives and is really thriving takign everything in around him.  Even if it is just a simple campfire meal.  He seems to enjoy it more.  

After a good meal, time for a rest for the boys.  See, Alex even sleeps with a ball.  His batteries were pretty much worn down.  So, after a quick rest, they all refueled and enjoyed the fire.  They all chatted with many different people.  I only hoped they were well-mannered and didn't say anything too off the wall.  Trust me, with FAS children, whatever goes into their head, tends to come out their mouths. No filter system.  After a nice fire and some mroe talking, we all headed home.  Well, to the hotel.  Warren actually snuck off to Dunkin Donuts and surprised us all w/ donuts and milk.  Nice way to top off the evening and just chill out watching a movie.  OKay, or maybe not...

Irina was zonked.  Nik was trying to wake her and tickle her w/ Alyona's stuffed rabbit.  Not a very nice thing to do to a big sister.  Hope he doesn't do this as a big brother!  After this, we all retired for the night and then ready to go tomorrow.  Okay, now for something a bit gross.  If I am staying somewhere, I expect the rooms to be clean.  Well, this was our second night there, same room.  Alyona and I were in one bed & yana and Irina in another.  I pulled the covers down and there was a stain.  Not a little one either.  Nasty looking.  Called the front desk.  She said the laundry cabinet was locked and she didn't have a key.  Yeh, right.  She did offer to move us to another room a few doors down.  Okay, it is way after 11 o'clock, Irina is already asleep and moving kids that hate change and are disregulated, is just a bad idea altogether.  She apologized but that really doesn't fix anything.  So, I covered it up and Alyona & I slept on top of the covers.  This was the same day we had asked for enough towels for our bathroom.  Said they'd bring them later as they were cleaning rooms.  Fine.  It's towels.  URGHH.  Warren went down to get some more.  Be rest assured, I will be writing Holiday Inn a nice little note.  I think that was VERY poor service.  Anyhow, after feeling creepy, we all went to sleep.  Coming home, Part IV is tomorrow.  Have a great evening.

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