Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlotte Trip--part III (King's Mountain, part B)

And now, time for some history and a hike up the mountain.  So, without delay...

Before we even began our trek, we were able to see a small demonstration of some musket rifles and how they used to work.  Kids were amazed that they were so loud and so inaccurate.  It took fifteen commands to load the rifle.  They threw in quite a bit of history about the American Revolution and it was great for the kids to get a quick history lesson for sure.  

Our kids loved all the different rocks to climb up and explore.  They did not mind how long it took to get up to the top.

Some, took the more casual approach to climbing the rocks.  Yes, Yana did not exert herself too much here, you think?

Ahh, a little more daring in this picture.  The trees were just starting to green up.  

There were even unique places to hide a mouse in these woods.  This tree was neat b/c the hole goes all the way to the top.  You look up and you see the sky.  Everyone took a turn. Some of the smaller kids of course could stick their whole bodies in there.  No, not me.  

This was actually a paved trail.  Last hike we did was not paved.  This made it very easy for all of us.  On this shot, you don't notice the hills.  Trust me, there were some.  LOL.  But, we all made it in one piece and enjoyed the hike.

A terrible shot, I know.  We stopped at a monument(they had several throughout the trail telling about the battle) to rest a minute.  Nik wanted a picture w/ me.  No makeup, sunburn, and very tired.  Next picture best be better.  Way Nik is making this face, I have no idea.  

We were able to see so many unique trees and such throughoutt he trails.  It gave the kids opportunities to see the beauty of differences in nature.  We let them touch things and give ideas as to why something was the way it was.  We want our kids to appreciate all nature has to offer.  There is so much out there and we'll only be able to see a fraction of it in our years.  Hope it is enough to have our children appreciate it as much as we do.  AFter the hike, we stopped by the gift shop and got a magnet.  WE try to get a magnet wherever we go.  We also purchased this little Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.  Our government has changed a lot lately and we feel it is very important for our kids to still remember why and how this country was founded.  Plus, they are leanring about it in school and thought it was very cool.  We may even frame them.  Gave them something to read on the way home.  And they actually did!  Now, for the final part of our day.  A campfire and cookout w/ friends.  That is to come so stick around.  ONly so many entries I can do w/ kids off school.  Hope you've enjoyed them so far.

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... It seems you had have a GREAT time in there!... I love History!... I guess the kids have lerned a lot!... Wonderful pics!... specially that one where it´s you and Nick!... It´s so sweet!!!...
    I´ll stick aroud!!!... Kind regards!...