Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlotte Trip--part III (King's Mountain, part A)

After resting, we got up and dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast.  Told the kids they had to eat at least one healthy thing.  All 7 suprised me w/ no prompting of having a really healthy plate w/ usually 1 unhealthy thing.  Of course, none of us could resist those danishes or muffins.  A treat that I usually don't do at home.  We all enjoyed breakfast and went back to the room to wait for a call to see what was in store for us that day.  Here is what we did while we waited:

Yep, watching Sponge Bob.  See, we do not have cable or satellite in our home.  So, the kids watch whenever they can when we are elsewhere.  And yes, they all have the same shirt on.  Usually, we'll all dress in one color.  Boys one and girls another.  However, we knew we wouldn't be in big crowds so I told the kids they didn't have to do that this go around.  Ironically, most of them chose to do it anyhow.  Got the call and we're told to meet here:

King's Mountain!  We were going to meet our friends for a picnic lunch and then a hike on King's Mountain.  The weather was absolutely spectacular!  We went to Walmart first to get the Nik and Alyona socks.  Irina was the checker this time of bags and failed to check for socks.  It happens.  And being that we were hiking, I figured we'd need them.  Picked up those and a bag of Easter Gummy Bears.  Who could resist?  And, we were on our way to King's Mountain of SC.  It was the turning point for the American Revolution and they have a little history museum there and a re-enactment.  We got there had to wait for our friends.  So, what better way to pass time then some photo ops.  

This is the bunch before our friends came.  No dirt.  LOL.  Nik actually remembered his transition lenses so that helped him a bunch.  And yes, Yana is truly that tall.  It is not a trick picture.  IRina hates it b/c Irina is the oldest but everyone thinks Yana is.  AFter this picture, there was a mock killing picture the kids wanted me to snap.  Lovely.  Sometimes, you have to wonder what in the world they are thinking.  Other ways we passed the time:

Umm, is that MY son defacing state park property??  No, no way could it be MY kid doing that!  Yep, sure was.  Nik decided to pick out the grout of the tiles of the monument.  Well, flag pole area.  Still, told him no and to put it back.  Yes, I love what they find to do while waiting.  And some other time passers:

Alex and the others walking and jumping on the walls there.  Another great way to pass time while you wait for folks:

Finding 4 leaf clovers.  Apparently, my kids are geniuses at this game!  Seriously, I said go and Alyona said "I found one."  All my kids but Nik found a four leaf clover.  Yana found 9 of them & rubbed it into me the whole time.  I am ashamed to admit it though, I hate not being able to do something.  Rather competative and I couldn't even find one clover.  Most my kids found at least 2 to 4 of them.  They can honestly look down at hte patch and spot them right away.  They kept saying "mom, you want my luck?"  I said "no, I want my OWN luck."  Never did find my luck.  

This is Yana showing off her first two.  Found way too quickly.  Well, come to find out my husband knew something I did not.  Just kidding dear!  Kids with visual processing disorders can do these sort of things rather quickly.  MIght be a quick way to check your kids but I would not recommend it.  BTW, we have had none of our kids tested for visual processing disorders.  We sure they do but really, do we need to add something else to the alphabet soup?  I just thought it was pretty cool that they could look down and find them that fast.  Crazy.  Another way to pass the time:

And of course,, photo ops.  My kids love a camera.  Thank goodness.  We all waited for our friends to arrive.  Had a lovely picnic w/ them and their family.  Then, we all ventured out onward for our hike.  More pics to come of the hike.  Just think this post is getting rather long.  Stay tuned for part III B.  The hike.

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