Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlotte Trip--part II (on the road)

After leaving an hour and a half later than what we had wanted to, we were on our way.  We had actually discovered we literally only have ONE housekey.  And not to both locks!  Who on this planet just has one key that doesn't even open both locks?  Yep, that would be us.  Typically, we don't even lock the doors.  Frankly, criminals would be disappointed if they hit this house up for a buglary.  Nothing to take but kids' stuff.  LOL.

We started off headed to Charlotte, NC.  Actually, we were going to stay in Gastonia, NC.  We ate right before we left so that no one would be hungry in the car except for maybe a small snack.  And let the fighting adventure begin!

Looks innocent enough.  Kids were enoying some Sun Chips and Gatorade for a snack this go around.  We always have to carefully seat the kids in their assigned seats or fighting may occur.  Well, Bojan and Max were up to their old antics and got in trouble.  So, they were punished....

You'll notice Max & Bojan have their hands up.  Originally, Max was in trouble and since you have limitations as to what you can do in the car for punishment, he had to place his hands on his head for a few minutes till we said stop.  Well, wouldn't you know my boys.  They turned it into a stupid contest as to who could hold their hands up the longest.  URGHH.  I can't win sometimes.  The trip otherwise was for once pretty non-eventful and we had then arrived at our hotel:

The Holiday Inn Express.  Nice hotel for the most part.  We picked it b/c of the complimentary breakfast.  It does help not to have to haul around stuff for 9 people.  They have an indoor pool as well but we did not go in it this time.  We have a pool at home so not quite  as big a deal.  We had two rooms side by side.  Helps being close and going back and forth.  Tell you about what I discovered shortly before leaving to go home.  Another post.  Well, we check in and upstairs we went to the rooms.  We could not have been there more than 4 minutes and this happens:

Alex kicked off a piece of the wall protector.  Guess it was not protecting the wall all that much.  LOL.  Frankly, I think it was ready to peel off anyways but leave it to one of my kids to actually finish it off.  Thankfully, that was the only broken thing this trip.  We got settled in, freshened up and left to go to our first cookout for the weekend w/ friends.  It was friendship and good food.  

Max trying to make a goofy face for the camera.  I think it worked.  Can you just see what a beautiful day it was out?

Nik enjoying his dinner.  Why he is laying down I have no clue.  Everyone loved the food.  The hostess was an amazing cook and we were very grateful to her for being invited.  We spent the evening talking and sharing with friends.  I met a wonderful woman who has 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted.  We did have some things to discuss for sure!  Anyone who can even understand what the word RAD means is refreshing to speak to.  It is amazing to me how many strangers can come together for just a casual cookout and come out with so much more understanding about things and gain new perspectives.  Very refreshing for sure.  And the kids had so much fun making new friends.

This is Max playing with some new friends.  You could not have asked for a more tranquil setting or great people to be around.  The kids all meshed together and enjoyed each other's company.  Open fields for the kids to run and play is the best.  Again, thank you to our hosts!  We said our goodbyes and headed to the hotel.  However, we ran into this:

Yep, an accident w/ a flipped over car on a country road.  Now, obviously, we have no idea how in the world to get out of here any other way.  Could not ask either b/c the emergency workers were doing their job.  So, waited for another car to show up behind us.  Well, one did.  However, they pretended not to speak english, turned around w/ headlights off and booked it out of there.  We do have quite a few illegals in our state and though we wouldn't be able to say for sure, that would be a pretty good guess most likely.  Needless to say, had to wait for the next car.  They were extremely helpful and we made it back to the hotel w/ no problems.  Everyone went to bed pretty easily.  Slept (well, not me or Warren  LOL), and woke up for our next part of the trip.  A trip to King's Mountain in SC.  Part III (journey to King's MOuntain) coming up later today.  Time for more yardwork now. 

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  1. Hi!... Great part I!... And I was waiting to the 2nd part... and it show up!... Amazing!!!... -Then I realize that with your new spring time, we´re just 1 hour deleyed!...-
    Thanks for your Easter wishes!... We´ve had great time at the sea -the last for these year!- You can check it on my facebook!...
    Ok!... Im ready to read the 2nd part!... Can´t wait!!!... Kind regards!!!...