Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catching up post w/ some pics

I forgot how much happened before our trip as well.  Thought I'd tell a bit about it.  Well, we had a project to do for Nik's class.  Dad did this one...

Okay, all I can say is poor kid.  He had no idea how ridiculous he looked.  Originally, Warren tried to sew Easter peeps(you know, that gooey, marshmellow candy that he loves) to his hat.  Did not work.  LOL.  Warren came up w/ this and all I could do was laugh at poor Nik who had no idea.  Hey, as long as he thought it was cool, that's what counts, right?  

Well, Nik is drawing again but at least this time I don't need a psychologist to translate.  LOL.  Remember, Humpty Dumpty or the swingset & decapitated head?  Well, this one I asked what it was.  He voiced to me 'Mom' and gave me a big hug.  Nik was so proud he drew me w/ long hair and kept touching my hair.  I love it.  BTW, my hair is nowhere near that long. 

Well, this was Alex before he got into so much trouble.  (go to recap post if you want more history on that).  See, he can be a happy and fun loving kid at times.  We are trying to teach him his bad behaviors have consequences and if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you.  Do good, and good things happen to you.  Easiest way to explain it to a child w/ no cause and effect thinking(due to FAS).  We had a small gathering at our house tonight and cooked out.  Kids all played w/ company and each other.  Alex was not allowed to and had to do punishment chores the whole time.  I honestly finally think he's "getting it."  That there is nothing good going to come of things if he doesn't behave.  He didn't get mad at all, just did what he was told.  Progress.  Slow progress.  He is grounded for 2 weeks as a "prison camp" grounding.  I will explain our rules and prison camp and other system in place in our house tomorrow.  That, and a post regarding older child adoption.  We're making our garden tomorrow.  can't wait.  In between that though, I'll do some posts.  Discussing older child adoption is important.  That and some rules in our home given that we have some w/ severe mental and or behavioral problems.  We haven't used therapists in years and actually kind of regret using the ones we did for a few months.  

This is Alyona of course.  She is SO proud to wear this shirt.  She is also very , very excited at the thought of new sisters.  Since she and Nik have never been through the adoption process w/ our family before, it is all so new to her.  The other kids don't ask. They know after the social worker will come here about how long it will be and start asking more questions.  I can say the older kids were very worried when they heard the story on the news and how it could possibly affect us.  I toldthem that was Russia and we are going to Bulgaria.  They said thank goodness.  We can't leave those kids there!  So, even the teens do care about their new sibs.  Alyona's shirt says big sister.  She is practicing really hard.  She is already a big sister to Nik but she said that doesn't count b/c he's a boy.  Oh well.  At least she is excited about it all.  

Chaos manor is undergoing a major spring cleaning.  I'll have more pics later on in the week.  Only unload the camera every so often.  As far as the adoption process goes, it is slow.  We finally did get that homestudy sent off.  The app that is.  It is literally the size of a samll book.  Reason it took so long is b/c funding has been a huge issue.  Getting to that later this week. But, it is done and we expect a social worker assigned this week and process to really get moving.  our homestudy agency is great and rather quick. Thorough but quick.  Mainly, b/c they know us so well.  They were just here in October for a final post placement report to Russia.  Also, got an update sent to me saying Bulgaria is wondering where we are in the porcess.  I think that is great that they are asking.  It should not tkae me long to gather dossier docs.  Waiting though on it just b/c I want the latest date possible on them.  I know how docs expire.  Trying ot avoid it at all costs.  Finally getting excited.  Really am.  Alyona and I even bought something for "little bit" today for when we bring her home.  Premature but still keeps that spark alive to move it on paperwork.  A motivator.  Alyona and I went to yardsales at 6:30am this morning.  Love yardsales.  Teens did not want to go even though they begged me last night to go this morning.  Go figure.  Alyona and I had a great time though.  One on one.  Found awesome deals for sure.  Brand new shower curtain for the boys' bathroom upstairs.  Even got Nik a new bike.  Great outdoor toys for the kids and cd's for the girls.  Cd's were .50 to $1.00.  Outdoor toys were just .10.  Football, practically new was only $2.  When people ask how can we provide for 7 or even 10 kids.  This is it.  Kids love it and so do I.  AFter yardsales, we had eye exams.  Warren needs glasses.  Shocker as he had the laser eye surgery years ago.  Max's script changed dramatcially as did mine.  So, $700 later, we all have new glasses...yikes!  Only $400 of that is refunded.  Could be worse so I can't complain.  That btw, did not count eye exams.  But, we budget for this stuff every year.  It's the leaky roof and the missing implants that were NOT in the budget this year.  Anyhow, after glasses, Alyona got to go to a friend's b-day party.  Cookout w/ my cousin and her family was later on and we had such a good time.  Our kids play beautifully together.  BTW, Derek makes some awesome chip dip.  Yum.  Good times, relaxing times.  Can't ask for more.  Kids are asleep right now excpet for the older ones watching a show w/ dad.  Movie.  Lots of hardwork tomorrow planting the garden.  So much more to do.  Busy times but good times.  Have a great evening everyone.  Older child adoption post and our rules for our kids coming later on this weekend.  Many have asked about our parenting rules and such so thought I'd elaborate on them.  Good night. 

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