Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boys helping dad

Our boys all look up to dad and assume dad can fix anything.  And for the most part, he can.  Last year we had a strong storm come and blow the umbrella down onto the glass patio table.  Completely destroyed but the frame was good.  So, this year they decided to fix it.  We looked into buying a new one but $1000 was NOT in our budget for a new set.  Plus, the chairs were still great on this one.  Off to Lowes.  We decided to make a picnic table top out of it w/ decking material.  Great idea.  And of course, Warren had plenty of help.  I will admit, Warren is very, very good about letting them help despite the fact that most of the time the boys will become a hinderance versus a help.  LOL.  So, they got started on it. 

This is Bojan excitedly getting ready to get started.  Ignore the ton of trash in teh background.  Long story short, we could not make it to the trash site that day.  The work bench was a much welcomed change.  Last "work bench" was an old rickety aquarium stand.  This big one someone was giving away.  We were lucky enough to get it.  Obviously, being put to good use.

You can see the little aquarium stand that used to be the workbench.  The guy in the middle is Max carrying the old patio table for repair.  It now takes two people to carry it as it is so heavy w/ the waterproof deckign material used.  

Ahh, the boys in their element.  Power tools at hand and dad standing by.  Bojan and Max are really ready to get down to work.  In the distance are the other kids jumping on the trampoline.  There is another patio umbrella actually drying in the background and also waiting for repair.  

And, the finished product.  I think they did a great job, don't you?  Alex is testing out the chair of course.  He fell asleep so must be comfy.  Come on over and eat out w/ us.  We'd love it!  Kids like doing homework out here now too.  It is peaceful for sure.  

Just thought I'd share a project the boys did about 2 weeks ago.   Next project iscoming up this weekend so I'm sure I'll have pictures.  Hoping to go to the company picnic on Saturday.  I may be in a brace and hardly walking but I'm game for some fun.  If it's not raining, that's what we're doing.  Enjoy the day tomorrow.  May take the kids to the field day at school.  (the kids I watch).  We'll see.  Have a great evening. 

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