Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where in the world...

are the Boyds goin??  I figured I would spend some time telling you a little about what our future plans are for the next 4 to 5 months.  As you all know, we've been busy with basketball.  And though I considered doing the Miracle League Baseball with them this season(we've done it twice before), I think we are going to not have any sports or activities for the next few months.  This is two fold.  One, we need to get them adjusted to the idea of 3 new sibs and have some calm for a little while.  Trust me on this, we've done it before.  Second, we want to do a lot more things as a family and just throwing baseball in there, won't quite work.  So, basketball season will finish up and then we are going to start a few adventures.  It is March.  In March, we finish up the last of our basketball games, go on a hike in a local forest, and get the yard ready.  In addition, we will go to one or two museums in downtown Raleigh.  

April.  April brings us Easter.  I see candy overload.  Kids have spring break in April as well.  So, we are planning on going camping in the NC mountains in about mid-April to meet up with some friends of Warrens'.  Can't wait to go and kids love to camp.  We'll spend an entire weekend there.  We are also working on taking the kids to the Battleship or Aquarium on the coast.  We all love to visit the Aquariums and may throw in some history with Fort Macon and a walk on the beach while there.  There is also a local event at UNC medical center for CI users.  Big family picnic w/ all kinds of things.  So, if the camping trip is not the same weekend, we will go there as well.

May.  May brings us our usual.  And we love it!  We go to a Deaf Camp(in a preious post) in Roaring Gap, NC.  It is located in the mountains.  Over Memorial Day weekend, we also go to the Asheboro Zoo in NC. 

June.  No definite dates on anything as of yet but we do know we'll take a few day beach trips.  We only live an hour and 20 minutes from the beach.  So it is very easy to do.  We may, and I say "may," take a trip to SC again and say at a campground on the beach.  Not sure about that one yet.  I do know we are taking a trip to Washington, D.C. area at the very end of JUne  for an adoption reunion.  It is the Orenburg Reunion.  Kids adopted from Orenburg, Russia attend.  We hold it at a different state every year.  We have no idea where we will be staying yet.  First, we'll find out where exactly it is and go from there.  I may be asking some of you where a good place to stay is. 

So far, those are some of our tentative plans.  You have to be flexible when in the midst of a foreign adoption b/c you are on their time table, not your own.  We don't mind though.  We're ready for anything.  I know many are thinking how can we do all these things while doing an adoption.  Life goes on and doesn't stop.  As for the money part of travel, ALL is either free to do or very low costs due to our memberships or vendor discounts.  Our biggest cost will be going to D.C.  We have family all over that area but b/c we are doing the adoption, they won't let us stay with them.  And that's okay.  Would have helped w/ costs but to each their own.  We move forward and don't dwell on the situation.  I'm a great bargin hunter and sure I'll find something again.  I just think it is important to keep up our kids' heritage and culture whenever possible.  Connecting w/ other adoptive parents also is very comforting.  Especially for us as our family is not really too supportive.  Anyhow, I think our family is going to have an awesome time these next few months to connect and enjoy some activities together.  As a big family, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a good time.  Many, many fun things are out there that are free. We take full advantage of that. 

Just wanted to keep everyone posted on what was about to happen the next few months.  It will be busy but a fun kind of busy I hope.  FYI, Alyona is downstairs w/ ice on and some pain meds.  Why?  No b/c of sugery but b/c one of my other kids accidentally hit her in the surgery site.  This has happened to my kids on several surgeries.  URGHH.  Next surgery, I'm duck taping them all together until the person heals.  Alyona is going to school tomorrow.  I may go to the school on Thursday as it is to rain that day.  Go visit the kids for lunch.  WE'll see.  Nik has a party Friday and is thrilled.  Basketball games are on SAturday.  Got to run.  Whole wheat spaghetti w/ homemade marinara sauce tonight.  Yumm.  more info to come.  Quick note, mini dossier was notarized yesterday and sent off for apostilling today.  I know, nothing big, but it is something that is done and in the adoption world, that sounds pretty dog gone good.  The word...done. 

Mini dossier was sent off for apostilling today.  Wahoo.  Slowly working on the big one.  Not too bad compared to Russia's dossiers in the past. 

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