Monday, March 29, 2010

When it rains...

it pours....literally!!!  I will write more later today.  I'm ready to explode and scream right now all at the same time.  The implants are gone forever.  He has ONE left that can not be replaced & is NOT able to be insured.  We have an FASer that keeps proclaiming his innocence in all this but Nik told us yesterday Alex pulled it off his head and threw it in the woods.  Why?!  We just don't get it as we've told him there is no more monetary rewards.  Don't know why.  we've explained it a dozen times at least.  Not sinking in.   So, $16,000 is G-O-N-E forever.  We're crushed.  Now, after we digested all that, we woke up this morning ready to start a new day.   Usually I'm pretty optimistic.  Max came in the room.  Think we have a problem.  Really?  What could it be?  We go around the corner and find this:

Yes, that is water dripping down.  Starting catching w/ these:

Two buckets after warren drilled a hole in the frame to let the water leak out.  Not to add salt to an already opened wound here but looked around the room and found this:

This is a door that was installed LAST year.  It was $1200.  It is no longer under warranty.  We had to replace it b/c our OCD daughter paniked and kicked in the door and busted it.  Yes, she should work for the swat team.  Future adoptive parents need to think of additional costs to a child, especially those w/ mental health disorders.  This stuff happens here all the time.  Last year, we had to replace the pool liner.  Don't ask.  Anyhow, the door is leaking now too.  This could not have come at a worse time.  Seriously.  We are calling roofers today but it will most likely be about a $6K to $8K job.  The state is still holding our tax refund.  We did as they asked..we proved our family exists.  NC is one of the "broke" states of America.  They don't have the money to give back.  The adoption stuff is adding up way too quickly as you all are aware how that goes.  Yet, I awoke to a song that I like.  I think it is called Calling All Angels.  anyhow, the line I awoke to today was "I won't give up, you don't give up!"  Ahh, the piece of inspiration I needed.  I'm NOT going to give up as my kids are depending upon me to bring them home.  So, we are going to think of a plan but are truly going to need some help.  I will post about fundraisers later today.  Any and all amounts will help.  Hate doing this but I'm not going to give up!  Just can't.  Much more to come.  Bojan is kicked off the bus the next 3 days.  Furious at him.  So much has happened in just the last 48 hours that it will take me a few days to catch up.  Then this morning as I'm digesting the roof leaking, I hear about the bombing in Moscow.  My sister lives there.  They are all fine.  So that was at least good news that they were okay.  I have to get going.  Warren needs the computer as he's home sick today.  Poor guy has been sick all weekend and has gotten worse.  He was supposed to have an early dentist appointment but had to cancel.  He has not slept all weekend and sounds horrible.  I will write more later for sure.  Right now, trying to take one step at a time.  you know what they say "Life hands you lemons, you need to make lemonade."  Well, I think my fridge will be full of lemonade by the end of all this.  Have a great Monday.  Ahh, and I haven't even told you all everything that has transpired the last few days.  More to come. Much, much more.  Any locals that know of a roofer, please send me their #.  Having a hard time locating someone.  BTW, I love having a day off. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie! So sorry for the all the bad stuff piling up on you guys! WOW! You have had your share - that is for sure. We have been there - concerning the home repairs - still there actually! I will be praying for your family and hopefully the funds will begin coming along. We are struggling also! Maybe we can donate a bit to your family and help you just a little. My husband has had a couple of good side jobs come up! Blessings and prayers to you all! Kkelli