Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's in the box??

Nothing significant really.  But for us, we are thoroughly going to enjoy it.  During an adoption it is always very difficult and hard to justify any purchase made.   Really, it is.  We live very modestly as it is here.  No cell phones, no cable, no papers delivered, no big tvs, no ipods here, no going out to dinner but once in a blue moon, no new stuff (a rarity at best), no memberships anywhere, no kids buying lunch at school and the list goes on. Think you get the picture.   When doing an adoption and deciding whether or not to make a purchase, for us the answer has always been no.  Period.  Kids are more important.  Well, this past weekend we had to make a judgement call of what was "wanted versus needed."  I was at the point I thought our health was being affected.  Let me show you what I mean.

This is part of our old grill.  We actually had two small grills we used.  I tried to scrub them clean despite Warren and Max telling me they "burn" off the junk each time.  Here's the after of scrubbing:
Yes, this is the AFTER folks.  Not doing any photo tricks.  Wouldn't know how to yet anyhow.  All my pictures are genuine..rust and all.  LOL.

Yes, this grill has no bottom to it.  Why you ask?  Because it rusted all the way through.  To clarify though, this is the older of the two grills.  My husband would truly be unhappy if you all thought he was cooking on this particular grill.  No, it was this one:

This is the grill we used to cook on.  I can assure you, it is in the SAME condition as the other one, just not as severe.  And yes, there is rust peeling off underneath. I told him part of the tax money HAS to go to buy a new grill.  After years of cooking on these two old grills, it was time.  I just was at the point I was afraid to invite anyone over for burgers let alone eat any ourselves.  So, last Sam's trip we did it.  That is what is in that huge box.  The out of the box looks like this:

This is our new grill.  Fit for a family of 12, don't you think?  This is the grill covered up.  Folds open on the top.  Takes 2 propane tanks.  Yikes!  The kids could not wait to cook on it.  So of course we had to have burgers on the grill that evening.  Sorry for the background mess in this shot.  We were startting to clean out the garage. 

I know, Alex's eyes are closed.  Irina and Aelx were peeling off the stickers and really checking out this monster grill.  They read it cooks like 126 hotdogs at the same time.  Warren is happy that he can now eat w/ us instead of cooking the meat two separate times on one small grill.  We grill out a lot here in NC.  In fact, we're doing it this weekend again when a fellow mom comes over w/ her son.  When you meet another family that deals w/ RAD/ FAS, you gain alot of insight and sense of belonging.  Knowing that you are not alone in these issues is very comforting.  Allows us to exchange ideas.  I can not wait to meet her in person and looking forward to a nice chat over some bugers on a new grill.  No rust.  LOL.  

So, that was our nice big box surprise.  Kids are all dying to help dad cook on the grill.  Usually, he'll have a mini sous chef w/ him "helping."  Sometimes, way more help than he can handle.  But, he takes it in stride.  I know this was difficult for us to buy but could not take the rust any longer.  Again, hard not to feel guilty on any purchase during an adoption.  We do not buy new hardly ever.  Sometimes though, we feel it is necessary and I just felt the family's health was going to be at risk if we kept on.  Though, we've seen campground grills way worse.  Yet, we didn't use them.  

Anyone local, we are going to have a cookout soon.  We used to do them yearly and had so much fun.  Got to get back to that.  Got to run.  Dealing w/ one child that I just grounded, another who got in trouble from middle school...not doing a major project.  URGHH.  On a lighter note, Alyona had some awesome grades and did excellent on her spelling w/ NO help!  Nik is recognizing all kinds of sight words.  Yana is really turning things around.  Her grades are awesome.  So, there are some great things happening.  Just seems some bad ones are tainting all the good that is happening.  Max and Alex are really going to have to get their act together.  Bugs me w/ Max b/c he was doing so, so well.  Beyond excellent and even got out of self-contained.  However, now he is not doing the work.  URGHH.  What happened in that short time?  Very frustrating.  We're coming to a crossroads here and trying to keep him on a great path.  Sometimes, being MMR has it's drawbacks.  Yet, we've always tried to push our kids that are mentally challenged.  Have we pushed too far this time?  No.  He is just being lazy and I'm hearing my neighbors of 8th graders saying the same thing so maybe it is the age.  But, I can't take that chance.  I have to make sure he can stay focused.  Want him to know academics take priority in this house.  BTW, he was supposed to be registered for high school tonight.  Did he tell me this was this evening?  No.  TEacher called me today.  Too late for me to make plans.  Boggles the mind sometimes.  

Got to run.  I have not done cardio in so long.  However, I have been doing stretching every morning along w/ yoga and weightlifting.  So, though no cardio, I'm at least fitting something in there.  As busy as I am, I have realized that I must take time to exercise and destress myself.  The yoga really does seem to help me on the right path during the day.  ooh, it's late and Survivor is on!  Yes, a dumb reality show but hey, it's something to watch.  Enjoy your evening.  Maybe a thoughtful Thursday coming later. 

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