Monday, March 29, 2010

What do your kids do...

on a rainy day??  Thought I'd give you an idea of what some of mine did this past weekend.  Sit back and have a laugh hopefully.  Here goes.

This is Nik styling his new "do" that Irina did for him.  He wanted to be cool like his older brothers and all the hair gel.  This is what they came up with.  
Yep, time for a haircut.  

The girls decided to do some makeup work to Bojan.  Umm, I don't think their future career will be makeup artists, do you?   They actually first did Max.  I dont' even know how he let them.  Have a picture of him as well but they actually made him look like a girl.  He'd kill me if I put it up here.  Amazing the things that boys will let girls do.  It wasn't just his sisters that were doing the makeup.  Max has this crush on one of Yana's friends.  Well, she was here to and they all participated in the makeup madness.  

This is another event that takes place in our home on a rainy day.  I know they're still in pajamas.  This is Nik and Alyona having a teddy bear fight.  Notice the teddy bears are about as big as they are.  Don't know if you can see it in the background or not but the kitchen drawer is on the counter.  Yana broke it.  Again, repairs in a house filled w/ FASers are much more common.  Warren fixed it but it has to dry now.  

This is Max trying to workout a bit.  He LOVES this new thing.  He drew a picture for our handyman so the handyman could put it onto a tattoo.  Well, the gentleman "paid" him by giving him this apparatus.  Max LOVES it and it already has gotten much use in this house.  You can do pull ups, sit ups, and push ups.  Everyone has given it a try.  Even mini mouse has tried it.  See:

Alyona wanted to try her test of strength too.  She can't hang on long due to her messed up arm but I snapped a shot real quick.  She loves to do what her sibs do.  

So, that was a little of what my kids do on a rainy day.  I'll post some more stuff later.  Right now, calling roofers and figuring out where to get $6 to $8K from.  I'm NOT giving up though and that's a promise.  Off to get stuff done.  Have  a great week.  More to come. 

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