Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waiting child Wednesday!!!

Good morning everyone!  It's Wednesday & I'm off to a late start as we had a 2 hour delay here for the "snow."  More like a white dusting.   Should be the last bout of snow we get this year.  Hooray!  Come on spring.  I'm so ready for some gorgeous flowers in my yard.  Tired of the dead stuff.  It is going to be near 70 degrees F on Sunday and Monday.  Needless to say, I think we'll spend the whole day outside. 

Not much going on here.  We have 3 more basketball games left for this season.  Kids have done well and learned a lot.  Bojan can even recite some of the Bible versus he learned.  Now,we are looking into playing on the Miracle League Baseball team this summer.  Still thinking about it.  I try to find a balance of special needs/ "regular" activities to do for my kids.  It's hard but we feel it is necessary to expose them to both as they are very much part of both types of people.  It is very obvious sometimes and sometimes not so much.  Again, just have to find that balance. 

I'm in the midst of scheduling a bunch of things to get done. Trying to do all surgeries I can before we leave for Bulgaria in a few months(keeping fingers crossed here).  So, Alyona is getting surgery on this Monday.  Then, I will schedule her a few weeks later for a tonsillectomy.  After Bojan gets his AFO(brace), we wait a month and then schedule the surgery for the clubfoot.  Dont' know what type of surgery yet.  We've even discussed amputation but doc is very reluctant.  Bojan wants an amputation and I can't blame him.  He can't flex this foot at all and there is barely any more room for corrective surgery again per doc.  Time will tell.  So, that is 3 surgeries.  We may take Nik for a look at too for tonsils/ adenoids.  He really can not breathe right.  We'll get that checked out by an ENT soon.  One thing at a time.  Yana's been getting migraines everyday again.  Need to go back to neurologist and see what they can do this time.  MRI was clean about 2 years ago.  We just can't figure out the headaches. 

Sorry I got sidetracked.  It is WEdnesday and I really want you all to look at a site that has some great kids that really, really need their forever families.  One little girl, Angelina, is just precious.  Her special need is just clubfoot(they say bent feet but taking a wild guess here).  She recently turned three.  She is in a country that takes married couples w/ only one trip of about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks needed.  No visas to that country needed.  BEautiful country and great orphanage.  I know, I've been there!  (yes, that was your hint).  Please check out all the children.  Many, many fees have been reduced.  Here's the link: .  These children are ready for their forever family.  You may be that family today!  The contact information is on there for more details on the children.  Many have photos and some even videos. 

Hopefully, I'll have another post soon.  I'm working tomorrow and Friday so posts will be late for sure.  I don't get on the computer when I'm watching someone else's children b/c I just want to make sure they are taken care of.  Now, my kids are older and I can type on here and watch them at the same time.  Our computer is in  a very open area.  But, when it is my responsibility to take care of someone else's children, the computer is not on my mind.  Especially, when I'm chasing them around anyhow.--LOL.  I'm definitely getting my practice in for when Little Bit comes home.  Enjoy your day.  Must get some more accomplished today. 

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