Thursday, March 25, 2010

Video to share

This is something that should touch anyone.  It is NOT about the disability, but the ability to move forward with life no matter what life has handed you.  I think this speaks volumes.  I know for a fact, some of my kids live this way.  Some still need help w/ the life they've been given & their disabilities.  But most, have understood the same message this gentleman sends.  I have heard this guy is phenominal to see in person and awe inspiring.  The video is about 4 minutes but worth four minutes.  Such a message of self-worth to anyone.  Made my teens listen to it.  Enjoy.  BTW, kids are off school tomorrow so coloring Easter Eggs I think and probably doing some errands.  Other than that, chilling out.  Here's the video:

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 


  1. Wow Stephanie!... What a 4 minutes!!!... He has an overpowering personality!!!... What a guy!... He has a gift!... I mean, his attitude convined with his speech it´s really overwhelming!!!... Thanks for share it with us!...
    Kind Regards!...

  2. He looks a lot like my brother David, who also had the little half-foot thing on his hip, but David also had a flipper right arm that was a lot of help to me. David died six years ago Monday from a totally unexpected stroke. I miss him every day.