Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Usually I only post if I have something to say.  Well, this will be brief just /bc I'm waiting for stuff to reprint.  Why do you ask am I waiting for stuff to reprint??  Why should I have to reprint some of my dossier kit?  Because, one of my children decided to do artwork on my POA's.  Stars and squiggley lines.  All part of the process. Hey, best part is that it was NOT notarized yet.  Unlike the FBI fingerprint cards w/ peanut butter on them.  I'm sure Bulgaria wouldn't mind the extra artwork, do you?  Now, almost done printing.  Again.  Filling them out & saving them in another place this time. 

Just been one of those days.  Getting some things done though.  Thought I"d get the mini dossier notarized today but has to be tomorrow morning.  Alyona did not eat this morning so she had to stay here until she did.  Hate that.  I refuse to do a G-tube for her.  Working on this problem.  She's so thin, she has to eat.  IF she misses two meals in a row, she throws up and needs medical care.  It's very frustrating.  So, dealing w/ her put off the notarizing one more day.  No big deal in the grand scheme of things.  We'll do it tomorrow.  Working on the dossier stuff but much of it needs to be done by the homestudy agency.  I will do all the parts I can for sure. 

Alright, done printing.  Goign to fill out some more stuff.  I did a post earlier on the Special Olympics.  Check it out!  Alyona is just really excited about it.  Enjoy your week.  Humor post coming tomorrow. 

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