Tuesday, March 16, 2010

URGHH!!!-- what are they searching for???

I will just see if you can guess.  So, here goes...

Why on earth is our worker helping pull my kids up?  What could possibly be happening here??  Poor guy got dragged into this event as he was leaving. 

What on earth could these children be looking for?  Have you made an educated guess yet?

Bojan has even put on gloves to try to help find the item.  Alyona is walking along the creek.  I told them NOT to look in the creek as I know that is not where it is.  Have you figured out what "it" is yet?  No?  Well, Nik did it again.  URGHH.  Hasn't done this since last year.  He and the other kids were playing in the leaves.  Originally, they were knocking the leaves in the creek.  From the driveway area.  Well, then they started sliding down.  Thought it was a game.  Told them someone was going to get hurt.  Never thought about the implant coming off during a sliding episode.  Of course, it is brown.  Goes nicely w/ the leaves, right?  This is what we'll be doing the rest of the evening.  So, my planned posts are no more till we find this implant.  Again, a normal day in the life here at Chaos Manor. 

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  1. ...OMG!... Did you find it?!... I wish you the best of luck!!!... Please, tell us how it ended up!...
    Kind regards!...