Sunday, March 14, 2010

Upwards Basketball

Well, thought it was time for some pictures.  I know these are from last weekend but forgot my camera yesterday.  Here's some shots and hope you enjoy watching the kids have a great time.

This is Alex in action.  This was from two weekends ago.  This past weekend he actually guarded his brother Bojan.  That was a riot.  Those two were something.  One would try to out do the other.  Typical sibling rivalry.  

This is Max and Nik rooting on their brothers during a game.  I think my kids need some sun.  What do you think?  Believe it or not, Max is Asian and fairly dark complected.  Umm, not here.  Middle of winter for sure.  Nik could blind you with those little white legs.  Sunscreen please.  LOL.

There are not only basketballs during church games.  These are baby goats from a speaker that was there during the games.  During half time shows, they have different people come and minister to the kids and adults.  They have had some very inspirational people talk.  My kids are very used to being around animals so this wasn't a big deal for them.  However, it was for a good chunk of kids in that gym.  I really think it is important for kids to respect nature and animals and feel comfortable around them. 

This is Nik in the center.  I think it is going in!  He is so thrilled to make baskets as it is such a rarity at this age.  Kindergartners are such fun to watch.  

This is Alex watching a half time show.  Since he is grounded, he is not allowed to go play w/ his buddies after his game.  Not the happiest camper but maybe a lesson learned.  

Well, need to go.  Hope to have more up tomorrow night.  Will be gone all time tomorrow as it is Alex's research day.  An ongoing study he has been involved in for years.  Tomorrow is also the last basketball practice we have this season.  We decided not to do Miracle League Baseball and instead do some more family trips and such.  Next weekend Warren has to work but still hoping maybe we can get a local hike in.  We'll see.  Enjoy the week.  It is a long one for us.  Aren't they all though.  BTW, I know I have some personal emails to answer.  I am just very behind as we've been gone all day and well, frankly most of the weekend.  Will catch up.  Really was an awesome weekend. 

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