Monday, March 29, 2010

There's a reason for everything...

right??  I just don't get it.  I honest to goodness thought we were having a bad day before.  Umm, no.  Got a bit worse.  You know, every single morning I wake up, go outside off the back porch and take two really deep breaths in and out.  While doing this, I say "this is the day which the Lord hath made, let's be glad and rejoice in it."  It's from the book of Psalms and don't ask me for the specific verse.   You all know I stink at memorizing those #'s.  Everyday I say this & do this.  Rain or not.  Sun or snow.  I look at the woods and just start to think.  Today, I am finding it hard to find the rejoicing part I'm supposed to be doing.  Financially, this day has been beyond a nightmare.  As you know, the tally from the implants now stands at $16,000.  Tack onto that total the $400 we just spent for Warren's car to be fixed and it still did NOT pass inspection!  Don't ask I don't even care to know why at this point.  The roof leak, tack on another $6700 for that, if we go for the cheap stuff.  Wait, we're not done yet.  The van needs some work.  I'm sure that is a couple hundred dollars as well.  Alyona will need another surgery soon. Thankfully, that is paid for.  Max & I will need new glasses, guessing around $200 a piece.  I still have money on my account but Max does not.  Have to build a shed so we can build the room for the girls.  $2000.  This is like a Mastercard Commercial gone bad b/c I'm trying to find the "priceless" piece at the end and can't.  LOL.  You can all say well, at least you have your health.  Well, Warren was home sick today coughing and hacking his head off.  I'm almost afraid to call and ask how much insurance is for 2 in Driver's Ed.  YIKES!!!  Yes, I did take on a job of babysitting to help fund the adoptions.  So, we now have roughly $24,000 worth of unexpected expenses that are NOT adoption related.  Yes, things happen in life and usually, we can run w/ a $1000 repair here and there.  But come on folks..$24K!  Really?!  In this house, I'm usually the optimistic one.  Today, I think I just needed to vent.  I will NOT give up on this adoption whatsoever.  Yes, this is a roadblock.  But, this is also a moment that I'll be able to look back and learn from.  It is always darkest before dawn, right?  Please let dawn come soon.  Please.  I will post later about fundraising and maybe you all could help.  Spreading the word about this blog, about the magazine fundraiser as well.  I will think of something.  Right now, going to concentrate on dinner, go for a walk to clear my head and breath a sigh of relief that none of us are in the hospital, everyone is trying hard, and we are a loving family.  There, after all that ranting, I found the good in all this.  Now, we are going to go do a  work up on all that has to be paid out or fixed.  One step at a time.  Shoot, during Alex & Yana's adoption, we didn't know how we were going to do it either.  We were supposed to move into a new house(well, old house but new to us) but found out last minute by our insurance guy that it was infested by termites.  Had 2 days to find a home and also lose the escrow money we had put in the house.  It also happened during an adoption.  Bojan's adoption we had someone steal $3000 dollars from us.  But through all these times, the adoptions still went on as planned and the kids came home.  That is what counts.  Times are going to be rough in life.  There is no denying that.  So why think that it would be any different during the time of an adoption?  It's not.  Why?  Because it is life.  This is honest, raw life.  I know my posts are usually a bit more upbeat but I had to be honest today.  It is not me at my best.  But what I will do is tell you whatever solution we find for this.  Remember, we still have yet to come up with the adoption money.  We've come up w/ some, but need much more.  I do have faith that this will work out.  Thanks for listening to me whine.  More on funding the adoption later, solutions to our unexpected expenses, and of course some much needed pictures.  I have to take pictures b/c I do have some cute kiddos!!!  I do like the one of Nik in the mohawk earlier.  Check it out.  Have a great evening.  Thanks again for letting me vent. 


  1. What a day! I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. Keep your faith! I hope things turn around quickly. Venting does help!

  2. Hang in there!
    Coping with some tough times here, too...
    it is hard!

    Praying for you,
    Amy Rankin

  3. Know exactly how you feel Friend! I used to never say things like this - especially with my former Catholic background - but Satan really works on us sometimes!!!!! You still continue to give me hope and inspiration for our family! We have our home study appointment in B'ham day after tomorrow - pray for us! Hugs and Prayers - Kelli