Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just wanted to take a moment to truely say thank you for all those that support us and our adoption journey.  It really does make things easier.  I get messages on and off this blog.  I read everything for sure.  Some of the comments are just from the heart and some have even had me in tears.  This process is long and hard, taxing on the mind and soul.  What makes it more bearable is people like all of you that actually care and understand what we are doing.  I can't say thank  you as that is not a big enough word to encompass how I feel.  Means the world to me.  I am happy that some children have found homes when I shared about them on here.  I'm happy that some people take comfort in this blog who have similar situations w/ family as ours.  I'm happy that people are kind to our family and our children through the good & bad of it all.  I'm happy that some have considered adoption by reading this blog.  I spoke w/ a lady on Saturday at an Upwards basketball game at Church.  I know in my heart this blog and what we are doing will make a difference.  Albeit small, one child is difference enough in my opinion.  There was one blog that had a saying that I just can not get out of my head.  It was anonymous but try to paraphrase as best I can... "Adopting a child will not change the world.  But for that one child, the world will change."  How true is that?!  How amazing is that put into words and actions?  I think it is awesome.  There are 24 followers on this blog and that in itself blows me away.  I was excited when I was up to 4.  LOL.  I know 24 doesn't sound like a big number, but it is 24 people that care about adoption who will most likely spread the word to other families.  One life touches another.  After this set of adoptions is done, I really want to do something useful.  I've always wanted to do some type of grant set up for others.  I will obviously continue advocacy work for the kids left befhind.  But I can't help but think there is something else bigger than me that I can do w/ others to help the orphans of the world.  Not sure yet, but the wheels will be spinning in months to come.  Just b/c we are done after this set of adoptions, does not mean we will stop thinking about the children left behind.  One of our favorite quotes is from Lilo & Stitch... "Ohana means family.  And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."  We plan on not forgetting those left behind.  Right now though, focus has to be on getting our three children home to those that love and want them more than they can ever imagine.  The faster I get home w/ the children, the faster we can help others left behind but not forgotten.  Again, thanks for all the support.  We will need help in these upcoming months and will talk about that a little later.  Emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually.  Right now, dinner to serve and paperwork(adoption) to do.  I'm so ready for this next chapter in our life. 


  1. I have been following your blog for a while, so I decided to become an official follower--#25. :) I found your blog from one of the yahoo groups and have enjoyed reading about your family. We are adopting our first child (also from BG), so I stand in amazement of you, your husband, and family. I am worried about parenting just one. :) Just wanted to say thanks for posting, thanks for being honest in your blog, and thanks for encouraging those of us who are just beginning our journey.

  2. Hi Stephanie!... I REALLY HAVE TO THANK YOU for share your story with us!; to be an immeasurable example for us!... I´ve learned A LOT from your blog!!!... And I told you before... I check your blog EVERY time I turn on the computer (at noon and in the evening). I´m always expecting your posts to learn and laught with the things you sais -I love your LOLS!- And I can swear that you are spreading the seeds of adoption all over the globe!!!...
    God Bless you & your beautifull family!!!...
    Kind regards from Argentina.-