Friday, March 12, 2010


Wahoo!!!  It's Friday!  Of course, no time to veg out.  Cooking dinner (chili lime chicken, sweet potatoes and asparagus) and then getting ready to take Nik to a party tonight for one of his classmates.  He is thrilled.  He has gone to quite a few parties.  So yes, you can be deaf and make friends in a regular classroom.  They are learning to sign to him so that definitely helps.  His party is at 7:00pm.  Kind of late but since we dont' have to be up early tomorrow, we're going.  Kids have basketball so can't wait.  Only 2 games so very excited that we won't be there all day.  Since we are not going to be, we are then going to have dinner w/ a new friend who has  a child very, very similar to Alex.  Can't wait.  Always nice to meet someone who may have some of the same struggles as you do.  Not many "regular" parents experience some of the adoption related issues & dx's.  Let you all know how it goes. 

Sunday, we may take the kids to some museums downtown here.  It's supposed to be rainy so that would be perfect.  We'll see.  Just kind of rolling w/ the punches this weekend. 

Quiet time right now so going to get off this computer.  Writing a post about RAD and will have that up some time this weekend.  Well, need to get busy here.  Very short post.  Somedays, that is a good thing.  Somedays, you don't want much to go on.  I welcome a quiet weekend and do hope I get one.  Hope you all have a great weekend too.

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