Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring happenings around Chaos Manor

I figured I'd tell some spring happenings in pictures around here.  A fundraising post to hopefully come later on tonight.  Sit back and see what my kids have been up to in this beautiful spring weather we've had. 

This is "minnie mouse" (aka Alyona), showing how she can make big bubbles.  No sleeves on of course.  She loves bubbles. One day I hope to get her one of those bubble making machines. Maybe for her birthday in June.  

We all help to prep the yard.  When you are surrounded by trees, you're going to have leaves to rake.  All of us were out that day raking.  This is Alex and Irina taking their turns.  

Okay, so Warren will not be happy w/ me for putting this picture up.  I'll ask for forgiveness later but I thought it was a sweet picture.  Alyona loves her daddy for sure.  We have a hammock in our yard and everyone loves it.  

Yes, I know it looks like Sanford & sons out here.  Sorry about that.  We are working on a solution for the mess.  Limited space for sure.  Well, it is nice out and Max loves to create things.  People will give him stuff to tinker with.  Some things he can get back working again, some he can't.  Here, he is making a ship I think out of wood.  He is allowed to use tools but only if we're out there.  He does get creative. He's made his brothers swords and knight shields in the past.  And wands of course.  They love it.  

And what would spring be w/out daffodils popping up all over?  We love the pops of color.  Spring at Chaos Manor is wonderful as the windows are open and just a renewed sense of wonder happens.  My kids and I are usually outside most of the time and so our other neighborhood kids.  We'll take some pictures once all the flowers are up and blooming.  Need to get going.  Lots to do.  Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of spring w/ you all.  Have a wonderful day.  Go out and enjoy it for sure.

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