Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring forward... are you prepared??

May sound like a simple title, right?  Well, for those of us w/ FAS/RAD kids, we know exactly how much this means to our families.  We prepare and prepare some more.  Some of those who have not experienced RAD or FAS during the time change or any change for that matter, have no idea what I mean.  Okay, when ever there is any change in routine whatsoever, children w/ these types of disorders tend to get disregulated(not even sure if that is a word) and have trouble adjusting.  This happens to us every year, twice a year when we change the clocks.  This past fall was a nightmare!-- they had clocks changing, full moon and Halloween all on the same night!  Kids were atrocious that evening.  It was nuts.  Thankfully, we currently just have the clock change here.  Drives our kids bonkers b/c time is such an abstract concept anyhow and we all know FAS kids have tons of challenges w/ any type of abstraction, including time.  So, explaining this is hard and we get all kinds of issues of not wanting to go to bed.  They just don't get it.  But, we'll muddle through. 

Are you prepared for other things?  When the seasons change, we try to check our smoke detectors.  One has just been replaced from Max breaking the other one.  Really, you don't want to know.  So, just have to check the upstairs ones tomorrow and should be set. 

Are you prepared for other things???  What you ask?  Anything really.  Okay, I used to live near the coast.. hurricane area.  I've been caught in an eye of a storm and never, ever want to experience that horror again nor the aftermath.  We also have a nuclear power plant a ways a way but you just never know as anything is possible.  After last month and smelling the fire(remember, the one Yana had so nicely going in her room to hide a paper and then put it "out" w/ a comforter on top?), I really wanted to make sure we were prepared.  I've watched a neighbor's house burn down in the last house we've lived.  I've been through various disasters and know from experience, it's better not to need to use it than to need it and not have it.  A person can not live off a bag of m & m's but for so long.  LOL.  Yep, hurricane lesson learned on that one.  Anyhow, we've decied to make a "bug out" kit for all our kids and us.  Old back packs filled w/ basics for about a week.  It is a pain to put together but I think it is worth it in the end.  I'm working on the girls' backpacks first and will move on.  Here's what I've started:

Again, just the basics.  But like I said before, it is better to have it and not need it than to be in a disaster and wished you'd had just one thing of water.  I never want to go through that kind of thing again.  BTW, the bag of m & m's I got from my boss & neighbor.  LOL.  I literally had nothing in the house or nothing prepared as I was working non-stop at the time and no one thought the hurricane would move this far inland.  Usually, they disapate afer they hit land.  Umm, not this time.  Hard lesson learned but I vowed to get prepared this year.  It's a slow start.  We have much more to put in those packs.  But it is indeed a start. 

Tell you all about our wonderful visit tonight from a friend I met online.  SO nice to finally meet some cyber people in person.  I'm not sure if I ever told anyone or not, but years ago, we had someone try to steal our story & our kids' photos & use them for profit to get money.  It was insane to say the least.  FBI called in & the whole nine yards.  That is why for years we never put the kids' picutres back up or wrote much about them.  Some people thought we did not exist.  Yeh, right.  You can't make up this family!  No one could make up the stuff that happens at Chaos Manor.  Really.  Anyhow, very nice to meet other cyber families.  Tell you all more tomorrow.  Long day and we lose an hour sleep tonight due to clock changing.  Springing forward into something fresh and new.  Lots happening here next week.  More about our visit tomorrow, Upwards, and RAD.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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