Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Special Olympics coming soon!!!

Got the notice yesterday about Alyona going to the Special Olympics again this year.  She is SO excited.  She won two medals last year, one of which was gold.  She was so happy that day.  Alyona thought she could do anything.  Last year I homeschooled IRina and Max and they were able to go w/ us to Special Olympics.  It was an awesome experience for all.  We took Alyona out for pizza afterwards.  She would purposefully jingle the medals so everyone would ask about them. They are used to this in the restuarants in town on this day as it happens every year.  Very nice to the athletes as well.  Here are some pics from last year's events.  I had an old camera so not great pics but you'll get to see some fun times I think.  Here goes:


This is 7Lee & Alyona getting ready for the race.  7Lee is one of Alyona's best friends in school.  They play w/ each other and have a good time together.   With self-contained classes, the children get to know each other well as they are in the same class for years.  Alyona was excited b/c her sister put her hair up in pigtails for the big day that day.  


This is Alyona in 3rd place for the bronze medal.  This was for running.  I forget how many meters.  She did good though.  


Alyona was beaming here w/ pride!  She won 1st place..the gold medal for the softball throw.  Okay, others went up & threw the ball.  Just 2 or 3 feet away.  So, they figured Alyona would do about the same and so did we.  Little did we know Alex had been coaching her for the last two weeks on how to throw a ball(his expertise).  She threw the ball half way across the field and the whole crowd went wild while mom & dad about fell over.  Where did that throw come from?  Sure enough when everyone asked where she learned to throw like that, she told them all her brother Alex me.  It was a great moment.  


Do you think Warren is proud of his little girl??  She thought it was the coolest thing to be on Daddy's shoulders that day.  


Alyona goofing around w/ Irina on the way home.  We went out to Pizza Inn and then to clear up something w/ the insurance company.  Anyone we ran into congratulated her and made her feel very special.  Alyona is limited in what she can do and Special Olympics takes those limitations away.  I'm telling everyone even if you don't have a special olympic child, go to one game(just once a year folks..one day) to just cheer on the athletes. They get such a kick out of everyone cheering them on.  You make their year.  Trust me, you do.  So, if any of you local people would love to come out and support Alyona, she'll be participating in two events on April 16th at the Smithfield-Selma highschool.  I'll put more info up as I learn more.  She is already talking about going.  

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