Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So much to say, so little time

I really don't even know where to begin.  I don't know where March went to be honest.  So much is happening lately at Chaos Manor.  Wow!  This past week has been busy & this upcoming weekend will be even more so.  Trying to make appointments and arrangements for all the kids and any lingering medical stuff.  Our health care will change most significantly and we want to make sure anything that can be done, will be done.  So, today Alyona is getting her tonsil stones checked out and then most likely a tonsillectomy will be scheduled.  They want to do it next week but we will be going camping for Spring Break and visiting w/ friends in Charlotte.  So, no surgery.  Sometime in April though.  Hate scheduling surgeries, I really do.  Bojan will need his surgery soon but most likely will occur in the summer.  Bummer.  But, he's a very, very fast healer so should be fine.  Anyhow, I'm getting very organized and taking care of lots of things that have been just laying around waiting to be done.  So, if you emailed me weeks ago, you should be receiving an email soon.  LOL.  I love spring b/c it really does motivate me to get stuff accomplished.

Okay, you know you can't live here w/out having some "bad" happening, right?  As you all know, Nik has lost his implant in the woods.  Gone forever.  Used metal detectors and spent countless hours searching through the leaves, remember?:

No luck in finding that implant.  However, he still had the old one, not under warranty and such.  Well, as of last night, that one is GONE too!  We are so distraught and don't know what to do at this point.  Warren didn't sleep all night b/c of this stupid implant missing.  So, he now just has the one hearing aid which is bright orange(his favorite color):

This is his phonak digital hearing aid.  Bright orange ear mold that he picked out.  This was found BURIED & stomped on in the mud the day before last.  We have no idea what in the world is going on.  The kids all know the rules of where to put these devices or who to give them to.  The implant lost in the woods was indeed a total accident.  Now, there were NO processors in the jar nor ear hooks or batteries.  We had 4 batteries mind you!  NO coil either.  Just called yesterday and Advanced Bionics is sending a replacement coil for the broken one which we now do NOT have.  URGHH.  So frustrating b/c we know this has to be FAS related believe it or not.  These things do not just up and walk away.  See, FASers have short term memory loss problems.  They basically can't remember squat in this house.  For some reason, someone took out all the stuff in the jar where it is kept.  Nik now has NO CI whatsoever to use.  He keeps asking for it which is actually a good sign.  He wants to use it.  We're really angry w/ the whole thing but know we have to move on.  Trouble is, now, we don't know how to move on.  WE HAVE to find at least one of these things.  So far this week, we have lost $24,000 worth of equipment and not a penny is insured.  Not a dime.  We honestly thought w/ 3 separate processors, if one was ever lost, we'd be okay.  Not in a million years did we ever think all 3 would be lost.  I'm searching today again obviously.  We've used metal detectors too.  Flashlights, everything.  Just seems like when it rains, it pours.  

Irina is having a very hard time in high school.  We're going to pull her to homeschool her after this year.  It's a mess.   I'll tell about it later on.  Suffice it to say, though 17yo, her 12yo mind is having a very hard time wrapping her mind around everything that goes on in high school.  So, checking on all kinds of things for that today.  Max is also having a rough time transitioning to regular classes.  We expected this but we're hoping it would settle down after awhile.  It hasn't.  Plus, he is being bullied at school b/c he is Asian.  Ridiculous.  Max is a sweet kid & the kind that will bottle all this up and then just explode.  Not going to let that happen.  Soo, he may be homeschooled as well in high school.  Don't know as they are districted to attend a brand new high school here that will open in the fall.  It will only have 9th & 10th graders the first year.  Just thinking things over and following the lead of my kids.  We will have them finish this year out.  I was just hoping to have Little Bit & myself at home for awhile& not deal w/ homeschooling.  However, it can work and if it has to, then it has to.  Time will tell.

Warren stopped by home.  Alyona will need the tonsillectomy.  I'll schedule another time as next weekend we are going camping!  Near Charlotte.  Can't wait.  Have to find the campgrounds first.  Two of the nights we have plans w/ families we are visiting.  I think it will be a nice getaway w/ all that is going on here.  We are having dinner w/ my cousin and her family this Sunday evening.  So, lots of gatherings coming up.

Oh, the mini dossier was apostilled and sent off.  Hooray!  This is only a small piece but every piece done leads to a wonderful finished picture.  Can't wait.  We are indeed finally getting that homestudy paperwork sent off.  In reality, it could have been done by now & we would have had our homestudy completed.  But, money tends to get in teh way of adoption every time.  So, had to be patient.  I have a whole post coming up of what is going on w/ the funding of everything.  suffice it to say, we desperately need some help in that department and to get the word out about these children.  My heart is breaking for my kids.  I happen to find a site that does humanitarian work in Bulgaria.  Had a picture of one of the orphanages my child is at.  To see the kids in their cribs and the sadness of it all, really does get to me.  One of the kids I saw I could have sworn was Little Bit.  However, you can never tell by the pictures.  All I know is it struck be to the core that she was stuck in that crib.  I know all the paperwork is set for the safety of the kids.  But sometimes, you just wish it didn't take so dog gone long or that there would be some type of expediting waiver for those who've done this before and have proven the kids are better & thriving at home.  But, there's not so you have to wait.  The kids have to wait.  Haven't they waited long enough?  Don't they deserve to start their life?  I need to do my part and that has to be fundraising to get these kids home.  Some do indeed need medical attention and the sooner the better. AGain, more on adoption stuff a little later. 

Just wanted to say hello and that  it has been a little hectic around here.  Got a bunch of posts in the wings but nothing finished quite yet.  Have to look for this implant now again.  Enjoy your week everyone.  It is going to be beautiful here.  We love the outdoors at our house so most the time you'll find us outside.  KIds playing while Warren cooks dinner on the grill.  Love it.  More posts to come.  One about the adoption stuff and one regarding fundraising which now has to become a priority.  Now, if anyone wants to come here and play detective, please feel free to help find Nik's implants so he can hear again.  Thanks.

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