Monday, March 8, 2010

School happenings...

Well, we all know how Alex is doing in school so let's move forward to some others.  But before I do, I will tell you Alex's teacher was beaming the week before last about how much progress he had made thus far this year.  So, like I said, there is definitely hope. I just need to ignite that fire and passion in him for learning.  Onto some other kids.  May do some with pictures so here goes:


Okay, I just love this kid!  Nik drew this for me.  It says "My mom make me smile."  I asked him about it and he signed I love you to me.  I love the size of the heart he is holding up for me.  I guess that is our house behind him.  Love it.  Yet, on the next page there is a fire breathing dragon eating someone.  umm, what happened there Nik?  LOL.  Typical kindergarten boy drawing dragons on one page and telling mom he loves her on another.  I won't complain about this one.  


I'm not exactly what is going on here but figured I'd snap a shot of the girls.  It appears as though Yana is choking(playing) Irina and both are smiling about it.  They are holding up a picture Bojan drew for me this week.  It has a heart shaped necklace around her neck and the big pink heart reads " Bojan loves you."  He was so proud to give it to me.  Bojan does have such a tender and sweet heart.  Not just for me, but for everyone.  He will be a great dad one day.  


You know the project folks.  Yes, Yana had to carry around a "baby" egg for a week.  Let me give you another perspective here so you can really see how she did:


Yes, this is baby egg "suffocated" in tape.  Oh, btw, this is the 3rd egg!  She "killed" the two others.  She was not watching them and they fell off the table.  One at school and one at home.  This egg is all cracked up as well.  Umm, child abuse?  Needless to say, she is not fit to be a mother....yet.  LOL.  She set the alarm for 2 o'clock as she was supposed to but then only turned it off.  She didn't follow through and "feed" the baby or care for it.  We thought about sending it to school in a coffin for a grade.  Umm, we'll revisit childcare in a few years w/ her I think.  Poor egg.  Maturity needs to set in for sure.


This is Alyona post surgery.  She said "mom, I can't smile, remember?"  She's a little swollen.  She did throw up once home tonight.  Codiene does that to her at times.  Hoping no more.  She has since eaten a PBJ sandwich & ramen noodles so hoping for the best.  In retrospect, yogurt was not the best choice earlier.  We have Pedialyte on hand at all times here just due to dehydration issues w/ her at times.  So, no big deal.  She is doing great and loved being able to pick any movie she wanted.  She watched Madagascar, Max & Ruby and Sleepover(to be like her sisters she said). Slept on and off.  She may or may not go to school tomorrow.  We'll have to wait and see.  Oh, have to tell you all this.  On the way to the doc today, Warren accidentally hit a bird.  She screamed "Daddy, you can't do that!  God made that bird!"  Too funny.  We had feathers all over the front of the car.  We were driving down the highway and a bird just flew in front.  Happens at times.  Nothing intentional for sure but just funny how Alyona reacted.  Very sensitive to the bird.  This wasn't a school happening so to speak but she wasn't at school b/c of the surgery so figured I'd include a picture.  More info coming tomorrow as I have so much to catch up on.  Tell you everywhere we are going soon and about when everything is happening.  More to come tomorrow so stay tuned. 

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