Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures just for fun

It is such a beautiful day outside and it definitely put me in a better mood than earlier.  Sorry for that last downer of a post.  It happens sometimes.  Thought I'd post a few pictures of just stuff around the house really.  Nothing special but sometimes is just fun to see the kids and what's happening at Chaos Manor.  Hope you enjoy them.

This is Max.  He is smiling b/c he just opened his birthday present from my mom & dad.  He got a new pair of shoes and a rubiks cube that is a touch cube.  Both really cool items and Max really appreciated them.  Wish my mom would take the time to read this blog and see how happy Max is.  Since it deals with adoption, however, she will not read it.  Just wish she could see the same look on Max's face that I do.  Maybe one day.  For now, Max is happy and that is all that counts for sure!

Max could not wait to try on his new shoes.  Very excited.  I can hardly believe Max will be 15 yo next weekend.  He arrived home at 4 yo weighing just over 20 lbs. and wearing a size 18 months clothes.  Max has not asked for anything for his birthday.  He is just that type of person.  We will most likely take him out for dinner or something.  We'll see.

This was the other gift Max received from my parents.  Remember Rubik's Cube from the 80's?  Well, this is the new touch version.  It is HARD!  Lots of fun though.  Kids have all been playing with it and it is really fun.  Hope one of us can eventually slove it.  Best thing is you can get hints from this one.  

This is Alex.  He's playing w/ some homemade playdough that the tots & I make during the day.  (I watch two toddlers during the day).  It's great b/c it is all natural and won't hurt them if accidentally in the mouth.  I adjust it here and there to make it work and always double batches in this house.  I got it out of Family Fun magazine.  We've made it quite a few times and they still have fun.  I've made orange, yellow and brown.  Want to make pink but never have beet juice around.  Oh well.  

This is one of Bojan.  He really & truly is our reader.  Loves to read.  What better than a comfortable chair and a good book?  Bojan is reading more and more novels nowadays.  Soaking up a lot of knowledge for sure.  He's been getting all A's on everything lately.  Quite an improvement and very proud of him.  He does NOT write like he talks.  I was stunned the other day to read his creative writing report.  He received an A.  Read it and just did not know he could write like that.  It was wonderful and refreshing.  And, he is not bragging about his grades either.  Very modest.  Now, if he could take this much effort and apply it to his hygiene practices.  Boys.  I think they just love to stink at times.  

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow probably.  Have another post about funds but just am beat today to write anything else.  Long day.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Warren has to work this weekend and kids have basketball at the church all day tomorrow.  Last game.  I'm definitely ready to have my weekends back.  Been a great season though. 

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