Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A New Day

What a difference a day makes, right?   I have given myself some time to calm down and think through my own mess.  Somewhat ashamed of my vent post.  My life could be so, so much worse and I was selfish in whining about what was going on and all the lost money.  I do apologize for that.  Guess it did me good to vent about it though b/c now I feel great.  Tired, but great.   Poor Warren is sick as a dog.  Trying to stay as far away as possible.  Want him to get better and none of the rest of us to get sick before the trip.  We are going to Charlotte this weekend.  Originally, we were going to go camping.  Well, it is going to be 90 degrees and w/ Alex and his issues of over heating, we decided to stay in a hotel.  Good thing I can find great deals.  I can get us a room for roughly the same price as the tent site AND it comes w/ breakfast!  Very happy about that.  Haven't reserved anything yet as we have to see where exactly our friends are located in Charlotte so that we pick the right side of town and don't spend so much time driving.  Kids are excited.  They are aware we have to clean the house today and pack tomorrow.  We have strict routines when we go on trips for the kids to follow and us stay organized.  Packing & organizing for 9 people to go away for a few days is like planning a strategic battle.  It's nuts!   It's supposed to be sunny and beautiful all weekend long.  Can hardly wait.   Now, we have gift cards that we saved from Christmas to go out to eat w/, free breakfasts from the hotel, and dinners at friends' houses.  We also pack lunches to take w/ us.  So, this will save us a good chunk of money on food.  We are also not planning on going to any amusement parks as the funds just are not there w/ everything that has happened.  It is beautiful and we hope to go exploring some. I'm sure they'll have some great trails there for us to hike maybe on Saturday.  Who knows.  We are playing this trip by ear and I think that will make it so much more fun. 

Today, I get to go to the school for an Easter Egg Hunt w/ Nik's class.  Should be fun.  Immediately afterwards, I have an IEP meeting for Alex.  We are going to retain him this year.  So, he'll be in 3rd grade again next year.  Teachers have said the progress this year has been amazing but he is just not ready for a 4th grade level yet and I whole-heartedly agree.  I don't like pushing my kids forward if they are not ready.  So, next year I'll have kids in grades:  1st, 2nd(think I'll put 'R' in this level), 3rd, 3rd(new son maybe in here or 4th, won't know till he's home), 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, & 10th.  Little Bit will stay home w/ me and learn.  I may still homeschool some this coming year, just too early to knwo yet.  Looking into some things. 

It is beautiful outside.  Just gorgeous.  I'm doing some yard cleaning today before goign to the school for the rest of the day.  Alyona's surgery has been scheduled for May.  Trying to get any and all things done before we bring the other kids home.  We do this w/ every adoption.  Just makes it easier as we have to concentrate on the new kids and adjustments.  WE've done this w/ every adoption.  We make sure we have plenty of time w/ our new children who will need us most once home.  What we do w/ the other kids is explain this to them each and every time and they become the"big helpers" as we call them in this house.  It does work.  That , and we'll make sure we have a little one on one time w/ each and talk about the new sibs and new changes in the house.  For some, it is helping us cook for others a ride in the car w/ one of us.  Just b/c your focus is on the new children when they first get home, you can NOT forget about the other children who need you just as much.  It's a balancing act for sure.  It starts even before they get home.  My kids have already started looking for clothes for their new sibs and making room for them.  For new parents to adoption, little steps go a long way.  Off to do some things today.  More to come. 

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