Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miscellaneous pictures

Thought I'd throw in some pics in the mix.  Nothing in particular, just stuff that is on the camera. 


This is just Nik before one of his basketball games.  His skills have really improved.  Last year, he couldn't even dribble.  Lots of progress in many areas of his life.


This is of course Minnie Mouse (aka..Alyona).  She has recently lost a tooth.  She is also scheduled for surgery for her upside down tooth that is in the roof of her mouth.  It is almost through the sinus cavity so it has to come out.  Crazy, huh?  It is one of her permanent front teeth that is lodged in the roof of her mouth so later on she will have to get some type of veneer to go in the front of her mouth.  She & Irina we are told were very close to having a cleft palate.  Dont' know how the dentists can tell that but that's what we've been told.  BTW, a cleft palate can also be a symptom of FAS.  Many things can.  Just like Alex's horseshoe kidney( one big kidney instead of two).  Again, I will write about FAS one of these days as many have asked.  


Not the best picture but she was acting goofy.  They were all playing soccer or cleaning up the yard.  Now, mind you, it is in the middle of winter!  My kids LOVE the outdoors.  They truly do.  Trouble is, they always think it is summer and insist it is not cold when I tell them to put pants on or at least sneakers.  She is in flip flops.   It's even worse w/ Irina b/c she can not feel extreme temperatures.  Nor can she really feel pain.  She never felt a nail through her knee.  In the snow, I have to tell her when to come in as she doesn't know when she's truly cold.  Her lips were literally blue when I brought her in the one day.  Some think it would be cool not to feel extreme pain or temperatures.  I can tell you from a parent's perspective it is NOT "cool."  It is terrifying at times.  But, we learn to live with it.


This was from Christmas time at my inlaws house.  Alyona does not look happy in this picture b/c she is realizing she has to eat soon.  I have never seen a child quite like her and resistance to eating.  And no, there is NOTHING medical about it.  Trust me, she's been thorourghly checked out. This is all a power struggle.  She wants only sugar stuff and nothing else.   Nik on the other hand, will eat just about anything though he hates lettuce.  Nik, Max and Bojan are our kids that love the spicy stuff.  Better them than me.  

I'll have a post sooner or later that is just different.  Have a great week.

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